Requirements for a Joint BS/MS in Biology

The combined BS/MS program in Biology provides exceptional undergraduates with the opportunity to obtain both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in only 5 years. The curriculum includes both course work and research experience. Degree requirements for the joint MS are similar to the standard Biology MS, with the exception that up to 9 credit hours can be used towards both the BS and MS degrees. Applicants must have substantial undergraduate research experience and can apply to the program at any time from the second semester of the sophomore year through the second semester of the junior year. They should have completed 45-90 credit hours toward the BS degree including BIOL 201 or BIOL455 and BIOL 450 or BIOL529, the math requirement, and at least two semesters of chemistry. A student may be nominated during the senior year with special permission from the Graduate Program Director. Admission and retention in the program require a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a GPA of 3.5 in the required math and science courses. The application must be accompanied by a recommendation from the Biology faculty member who will serve as the student's major professor and who agrees to support the student as a graduate research assistant (GRA) during the 5th and final year. This would normally will be the student’s current undergraduate research mentor.

Initial graduate admission is provisional, pending the award of the BS degree. The BS degree may be awarded at any time following the completion of the undergraduate degree requirements. The BS and MS degrees may also be awarded concurrently. The student will work closely with the major professor to form a supervisory committee and file a program of study by the end of the second semester of the junior year. The undergraduate academic advisor will continue to advise the student in academic progress toward the BS degree, and the major professor will supervise the student's progress towards the MS degree. Research toward the MS thesis will begin as soon as possible, typically during the junior year. A maximum of 9 credit hours at the 600-700 level can count toward both the BS and MS degrees. The dual counting of 9 credit hours will allow dedicated students to finish the dual degrees within 5 years.