Donald W. Kaufman, Professor


Contact information

11 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-6622


Ph.D., 1972, University of Georgia, Zoology.

Area(s) of Specialization

Population and community ecology of rodents and shrews; Ecology, evolution, and behavior of mammals.
Not accepting graduate students

Research Focus

My research group studies the population dynamics, assemblage structure, habitat selection, and individual characteristics (body mass, reproductive patterns) of small mammals in tallgrass and mixed-grass prairies. As part of these efforts, we continue to examine patterns and magnitudes of long-term temporal variation in populations and assemblages of small mammals (rodents and shrews) in tallgrass prairie of eastern Kansas. Using information gained from these long-term field studies of sites that vary in fire and grazer regimes, we are examining the effects of fire (both periodicity and season of fire), bison grazing, and weather (primarily precipitation) on small mammals in tallgrass prairie. Influence of weather on abundances of different species of small mammals in tallgrass prairie gathered during these field projects will allow an opportunity to consider the possible influences of climate change on future distribution and abundance of prairie mammals. Finally, we continue to assess the influence of land use changes on rodents (e.g., abundance, body mass, patterns of reproduction) in the mixed-grass prairie region of north-central Kansas.

Selected Publications

Kaufman, D. W. and G. A. Kaufman. 2017. Small mammals in anthropogenic brome fields as compared to native tallgrass prairie in the northern Flint Hills of Kansas. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 120:157-169.

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