John M. Briggs, Professor

briggsDirector, Konza Prairie Biological Station

Contact information

218 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-0140


Ph.D. 1985, University of Arkansas.

Research Focus

Plant Ecology especially the role of fire and grazing in grasslands; The expansion of woody vegetation into grasslands; Landscape Ecology; Influence of humans on ecosystems; The use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in Ecosystem Research; Ecological Data Management.
Not accepting graduate students


(† = graduate student; * = undergraduate student)

Leis, S.A., Blocksome, C.E. Twidwell, D., Fuhlendorf, S.D, Briggs, J.M., Sanders, L.D. 2017. Juniper invasions in grasslands: research needs and intervention strategies. Rangelands 39: 64-72.

Raynor†, E.J., A. Joern, A. Skibbe, M. Sowers*, J.M. Briggs, A.N. Laws, and D. Goodin. 2017. Temporal variability in large grazer space use in an experimental landscape. Ecosphere 8(1) doi:10.1002/ecs2

Raynor, E. J†., H. L. Beyer, J.M. Briggs, and A. Joern. 2017. Complex variation in habitat selection strategies among individuals driven by extrinsic factors. Ecology and Evolution doi:10.1002/ece3.2764.

Raynor, E. J†., A. Joern, J. Nippert, and J.M. Briggs. 2016. Foraging decisions underlying restricted space-use: fire and forage maturation effects on large herbivore nutrient uptake. Ecology and Evolution 6(16):5843-5853. doi:10.1002/ece3.2304

Ratajczak Z.†, Briggs J.M., Goodin D.G., Mohler R.L., Nippert J.B., Obermeyer B. 2016. Assessing the potential for transitions from tallgrass prairie to woodlands: are we operating beyond critical fire thresholds? Rangeland Ecology & Management 69:280-287.

Briggs, J.M., J.M. Blair, E. A. Horne. 2016. Ecohydrological and Climate Change studies at the Konza Prairie Biological Station. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 119:5-11.

Raynor EJ†, A Joern, JM Briggs. 2015. Bison foraging responds to fire frequency in nutritionally heterogeneous grassland. Ecology 96:1586–1597.

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