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Black Faculty and Staff Alliance

Black Faculty Staff Alliance
224 Anderson Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS  66506-0100


BFSA membership dues are $25 for the school year. To become a member, please pay BFSA membership dues through our PayPal below or submit your payment at a BFSA meeting.

Why join Black Faculty Staff Alliance

  • A chance to build a community surrounded around the purpose of uplifting and strengthening the Black community at Kansas State University.
  • Various networking opportunities with individuals across the academy.
  • Build and share your leadership and expertise.
  • Enhance your experience living in Manhattan, Kansas.

Areas where you can become involved

  • Black community outreach and relations
  • Student involvement and mentorship
  • Professional development
  • Nominations and awards
  • Affinity group relations
  • BFSA executive board leadership

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