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Australia Initiatives


Kansas State University values its research partnerships with Australia and has long been involved in collaborative studies of plant infectious diseases.

Experts from Kansas State University's departments of plant pathology, entomology, and grain science and industry work with their Australian colleagues through the Australian Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC). The center is a consortium of some of Australia's leading governmental research institutions, universities and private industry. Through this partnership, researchers study grain storage issues emerging plant diseases and insect pests that threaten American and Australian agricultural systems and develop new strategies and technologies to defend against them and prevent their spread.

In addition, Kansas State University conducts some research not possible in Australia due to government regulations. The Biosecurity Research Institute on the Manhattan campus allows scientists to study potential disease agents in domesticated animals and agricultural crops that are not known to occur in either country. This unique facility enables collaborations with the Australian research community in a manner possible at only a few other research universities.