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Australia Initiatives

Responsibilities for K-State faculty host and department

  • Identify mutually convenient dates for the Australian Fulbrighter’s visit to K-State. 
    • These dates should be during the regular Fall or Spring semesters to maximize interactions with faculty and staff.
    • Notify the President’s office and John Leslie of the selected dates.
  • Make plane reservations and pay for the Fulbrighter’s travel from their Fulbright host institution in the U.S. to Manhattan. 
    • Travel should be by the least expensive economy air fare and will be covered by the President’s office.
    • If flight is not directly to/from K-State/U.S. host institution, identify the lowest cost airfare available on the selected dates (assume booking at least three weeks in advance).
  • Arrange for transportation to/from airport, in area, and for any appropriate off-campus travel or meetings, as necessary, during the Fulbrighter’s visit.
  • Make hotel reservations for Australian Fulbrighter.
    • President’s office will pay for up to three nights of lodging, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Arrange seminar and publicize through the usual channels.
    • Send seminar announcement to President, Provost, VP-Research, Director of International Programs Office, Dean and Associate Dean for Research, and John Leslie, in addition to normal circulation list.
  • Arrange for radio interview (Fulbrighter and host) with Eric Atkinson (agguy@k-state.edu) in Communications and Agricultural Education.
  • At least two weeks before the Fulbrighter’s visit, contact Anne Rubash (arubash@k-state.edu) in the Division of Communications and Marketing to arrange for a press release and for brief article in K-State Today.
    • Anne would be happy to receive photographs of interactions with faculty, staff and students.
  • Make appointments for the K-State host and the Fulbrighter to visit with President, Provost, VP-Research, Director of the International Programs Office, appropriate College administrators, and John Leslie, if they are available. 
    • Make request for meeting as far in advance as possible, preferably before the remainder of the Fulbrighter’s schedule is set.
    • Indicate that the guest is a Fulbrighter participating in the Oz-to-Oz program when making the request.
  • Pay for expenses for guest from department funds. Provide Shelly Broccolo (avery@k-state.edu) in the President’s office with a list of expenses (air fare, travel to/from airport, extensive local area/travel, hotel and per diem). She will arrange reimbursement of department funds from the President’s office.
    • Do not pay an honorarium. The Fulbright office in Australia is our partner in these visits and will pay each Fulbrighter for participating in the Oz-to-Oz program upon their return to Australia.
Download the responsibilities list here. (PDF)