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Australia Initiatives

Oz to Oz Frequently Asked Questions 

I am going on sabbatical in Australia, can I use Oz to Oz to partially support my travel and related expenses?

No. This competition is designed to establish interactions between K-State faculty and their Australian colleagues. Neither does this program support travel within Australia while you are based there.

I am going to a professional meeting in Australia, can I use Oz to Oz funds to pay for expenses associated with attending the meeting, e.g., housing, per diem, registration, and in country travel?

Attending a professional meeting while on an Oz to Oz sponsored trip is not prohibited, but the support for attending the meeting – per diem, housing, registration and in country travel– are not allowable expenses and must come from other sources.  The application should clearly indicate that attending the meeting is an addition to and not the primary reason for the Oz to Oz trip. The primary focus of the Oz to Oz visit should be to establish working relationships with Australian colleagues through visits to their home institutions. Selection of Oz to Oz recipients is based on the proposed professional collaboration to be established, not on the meeting to be attended or on your role in the meeting. 

I want to use Oz to Oz funds for a visit with Australian colleagues to develop a joint course. Is this an acceptable use of these funds?

Oz to Oz is targeted at developing faculty-to-faculty research relationships, so research should be the focus of the trip. This target does not preclude discussions of teaching-related topics, the development of teaching-related outputs, or occasional seminars and class lectures. However, research-related activities should be the primary focus of the trip, not teaching.

I have a well-established working relationship with an Australian colleague and his/her research group. I visit them regularly, e.g., once per year. Can I use Oz to Oz funds to support my travel and related expenses?

Preference is given to applicants who are developing new relationships.

Some of my K-State colleagues and I want to travel as a group. Can we receive more than one Oz to Oz award for our group travel?

The amount of funds for Oz to Oz trips is limited, and generally only one person will be funded if it is a group trip. If multiple individuals apply for funding for the same visit, please indicate who should be funded first, if the trip is worthwhile if only a single person is funded, the roles of the different people going on the trip, and if there are funds available to help support others traveling on the trip. 

Can I apply to visit multiple locations in Australia on a single trip?

Each faculty member can submit only one request per year. The request may be to go to multiple institutions on a single trip, however the amount of the award is fixed and does not increase if more than one institution is to be visited. The application form is designed for applications to visit a single institution. If you plan to visit multiple institutions, please fill out one form for each institution and indicate that you plan to visit all of the institutions in a single trip.

I want to invite an Australian colleague to visit me at K-State. Can I use Oz to Oz funds to pay for their expenses during their time in Manhattan and to reimburse expenses incurred in getting from Australia to Manhattan?

No. The focus of this competition is on K-State faculty going to Australia.

Do I need approvals from my department or college to apply for and receive an Oz to Oz travel award?

There is no need for approvals prior to preparing an application. Deans and/or Department Heads will be asked to concur with recommendations for funding as a part of the decision process. All travelers must abide by current K-State travel policies and fill out the appropriate forms for such travel.