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Who are we?

Alianza is a faculty and staff organization that advocates the advancement of Hispanics and Latinos at Kansas State University. Alianza monitors and defends the rights of Hispanics, Latinos, and other minority groups. Members meet every month during the academic year to review the inclusiveness of KSU's community and to facilitate career development and professional opportunities for Hispanic and Latino faculty, staff, and students.

Cultural heritage in all of its aspects, such as history, art, language and cuisine, is an important component of Alianza's identity and mission. Alianza has at least one social event per semester during the academic year. All Hispanics and Latinos and all those who affirm Alianza's aims are welcome to attend our meetings and to become acquainted with our members.

Alianza's executive committee is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board member-at-large, and past Presidents. Alianza provides advice to the Provost and other campus officials on matters of concern to Hispanics and Latinos for the benefit of the entire University. Interactions with Hispanic and Latino student organizations are frequent. By sustaining lines of communication with the wider community and with other minority groups, Alianza provides a resource for its members, for other minorities and for all members of the KSU community who seek understanding that transcends cultural boundaries.