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ALIANZA started as a small group coordinated by Anita Cortez, Rebeca Paz and Gabriela Sabates and grew to its current number of around 25 active members and about 20 occasional participants (out of about 65 Hispanic faculty and unclassified professionals at KSU). Our members include professors of all ranks (from Assistant Professors to a University Distinguished Professor to two Department Heads) in six different colleges, and a diverse group of unclassified professionals. Since 2002 we have a governing structure with a President, a Vice-President and an Executive Board. Past presidents include Marcelo Sabates (Philosophy, 2002/2003), Vince Ortiz (Chemistry, 2003/2004) and Socorro Herrera (Education-ESL, 2004/2005). Our current president and vice president are Sara Thurston-González (International Student and Scholar Services) and Tonatiuh Melgarejo (Human Nutrition) respectively.

We have an active collaborative relation with HALO (Hispanic-American Leadership Organization) and the Black Faculty/Staff Alliance among other diversity organizations on campus, as well as with the Office of Diversity and Dual Careers. We have been working on particular areas of concern to our university such as recruitment and retention of students, faculty and unclassified professionals, curriculum diversification, climate issues, equity issues, etc. Our activities have included a wide range of tasks such as informal mentoring and tutoring of minority students, recruitment trips across Kansas, scholarships and awards for Hispanic/Latino students, support for departments recruiting Hispanic/Latino faculty, sponsorship of cultural and academic activities and informal advising and mentoring to junior faculty, to name a few. Since 2000 we have gained representation in numerous multicultural forums such as the Tilford group, the President's Council for Multicultural Affairs, the President's Commission on the Status of Women, the Diversity Summit and some College Diversity Committees as well as search committees for several important positions.


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Alianza's 2012-2013 End of the Year Scholarship Ceremony and Celebration