Professional Development

K-State resources

K-State Career and Employment Services (CES) for Graduate Students
The CES office offers several services for graduates students seeking jobs, including support for preparing CVs, teaching and research statements, and interviewing advice.

Resources for Ph.D. candidates

Job Postings and Networks

Job Openings for Economists (JOE) Network
Comprehensive listings of jobs in all fields of economics. Allows job-seekers to create an online profile that makes resumes and other information available to prospective employers. Job applications can also be submitted to employers through the JOE Network.

Online network sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Job seekers can create an online profile and communicate with both hiring committees and peers.

Economic Research Network Job Postings
Broad listing of positions, may have a lot of overlap with JOE. Also distributed by email.

AAEA Employment
Provides a listing of available jobs, primarily in agricultural and applied economics departments. AAEA members can create an online profile that can be viewed by prospective employers.

AERE Jobs and Fellowships
Provides a listing of available jobs in environmental and resource economics.

International-oriented job board (and conference listing). May contain non-US positions, and sometimes interdisciplinary US positions, not on JOE.

The Job Search Process

A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market
Comprehensive and informative overview of the job market for PhD economists, by John Cawley at Cornell University

Research on the Economics Job Market and Economists’ Salaries
Wide-ranging information including salary and placement data, along with published studies about the economics job market, compiled by the American Economic Association.

How to Find a Job at the ASSA Meetings (AAEA Session)
Transcript, slides, and audio recording of a session at the 2012 AAEA annual meeting, intended to give guidance to agricultural and applied economists seeking a post PhD job.

Marc Bellemare’s Blog Posts
Marc Bellemare, now at the University of Minnesota, describes his personal experiences on the job market in a 3-part blog post series, offering first-hand advice to new job seekers.

Masayuki Kudamatsu's Links
A variety of links to useful information about the job market (scroll down) and the economics profession in general:

The Economics Job Rumors Wiki
This is an unofficial wiki board that tracks the hiring progress at various positions. Note the terms 'unofficial' and 'wiki', so use at your own discretion.