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Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Association
Agricultural Economics
Kansas State University
342 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4011


The Graduate Students of Agricultural Economics (GSAE) has a wide range of social events. These events help members network amongst students and faculty and promote professional development for industry and academic positions.

Friday Breakfast Club

Every first Friday of the month, GSAE hosts a Friday Breakfast Club meeting. Members, faculty and staff meet in Waters 342 to start their day by having a cup of coffee and breakfast with one another. Students get to meet faculty that they might not otherwise have met and is a great way for new students to get introduced to the department.

Brown Bag Lunch

Every month GSAE hosts a brown bag lunch in 342 Waters Hall over the lunch hour. Members are encouraged to present ideas, papers, and posters that they are currently working on. These give students an opportunity to present and receive feedback on research in front of their peers and faculty members in a friendly, scholarly environment.

Spring and Fall Socials

Every spring and fall, GSAE hosts a social where students, faculty and their families have a dinner together. This gives students a chance to test the cuisines from the home countries of our members. It also gives students an opportunity to interact with faculty and their families in a friendly social environment.

Friday After Class (FAC)

Every other Friday, GSAE hosts a Friday After Class (FAC). These are off -campus social activities where students unwind after long weeks of studying and are a great way to foster camaraderie among our members. In the past these events have included:

  • Dinner at one of the many local restaurants
  • Ice skating at City Park
  • Bowling at Little Apple Lanes
  • Game nights
  • Potlucks
  • International-themed events


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