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Vice President for Student Life

Tutoring and Space Recommendations

1) Move tutoring services offered at Leasure Hall, Lafene Health Center, and the tutoring components of Educational Supportive Services, Pilots, and Plan for Success/CAT Communities (offered through K-State First Academic Support) to Holtz Hall during summer of 2016.

2) Develop a sub-committee of the workgroup with representation from Academic Support Services and K-State First in designing supplemental instruction and tutoring needs for First Year Program students for implementation in the fall of 2016.

3) Develop a centralized tutoring group with membership from Holtz Hall tutoring (item #1) and the departments and colleges that currently offer tutoring (i.e. math, statistic, economics, the writing center, and the colleges of engineering and business). Ask those departments and colleges to identify and assign academic staff to advise and collaborate with centralized tutoring in Holtz Hall and provide tutor training, resources, and space allocation for satellite tutoring sites around campus.

4) Design and implement a computer technology program for tutoring services. Provide students a "One Stop" resource for tutoring, through a centralized program that provides scheduling of tutoring sessions and tutor assignments, communication, organization, and data collection.

5) Design and implement an on-line tutoring platform to support an online tutoring program for all students, including Global Campus students, that includes chat-style tutoring and robust online tutoring services via video, voice, whiteboard, text, etc.

6) During the 2016-2017 academic year, develop a plan to renovate the Holtz Hall space to provide more flexible and functional tutoring space and work with the centralized tutoring collaborative group (Item #2) to continue the transformation of K-State tutoring based on best practices in the field.