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Vice President for Student Life

Division highlights

Academic Assistance Center
  • The Leasure Hall Tutoring Center has expanded its hours and is offering walk-in tutoring in math and chemistry in the evening on Sunday – Thursday until 9:20 p.m. 
  • A satellite-tutoring center is being established.
Academic & Career Information Center
  • ACIC career specialists met individually with more than 1,400 students exploring majors and choosing career paths.
  • Between 800 and 1,000 students annually attended the Majors, Minors and More Fair. Approximately 75% of those students are freshmen.
  • On average, more than 100 students enroll each year in career planning classes, EDCEP 120, Academic and Career Decisions, sponsored by ACIC.
Career & Employment Services
  • 566 employers came to K-State during 2013-14 to recruit students through career fairs and on-campus interviews.
Center for Child Development
  • The Center is a leader in providing high quality state-wide early childhood trainings.
  • The Center meets the needs of children with special needs (i.e. speech, mental health, developmental delays, language barriers, etc.) by partnering with the school district and many other specialists who come to the center to work with children.
Counseling Services
  • Chaz Mailey, Psy.D. joined the staff. Dr. Mailey is now the Coordinator for AODES, which includes his supervision of the Assistant Coordinator for the ABC Program.
Developing Scholars Program
  • The program achieved an 81% graduation/matriculation rate.
  • Two University Distinguished Undergraduate in Research Award Recipients came from the program.
  • Scholars participated in national competitions and received several awards:   Truman and Rhodes finalists, Fulbright Recipient, Gilman recipient, Lideres de Hoy Essay recipient, Landmark Scholar, and Teach for America participants.
Educational Supportive Services
  • Since 1973 ESS has provided a variety of services to assist at least 300 students annually who are from socio-economic backgrounds that might prevent them from earning baccalaureate degrees.
  • The most recent ESS federal annual report indicates 87% of all ESS program participants were in good academic standing which exceeded the program goal of 83%.
Housing and Dining Services
  • Construction of a new 540-bed residence hall and dining center is now underway. The new facility will be named Wefald Hall.
  • The inaugural year of operation for Honors House – the department’s living community for students participating in the University Honors Program – Was a great success and promises to be a mutually beneficial partnership for the two organizations.
  • Three dining center employees – Cynthia Arias-Dowling, Jennifer Morris, and Jacy Lucas – received a scholarship from the prestigious International Foodservice Manufactures Association in recognition of their dedication in the dining center and classroom.
  • The Sudder Foundation will fund three residential Connecting Across Topics (CAT) communities in the residence halls. These communities house groups of freshmen with similar academic interests in order to enhance academic and social opportunities.
Lafene Student Health Center
  • Lafene has successfully screened over 5,000 students to comply with new Kansas statute regarding tuberculosis exposure.
McNair Scholars Program
  • 100% of all McNair Scholars participated in undergraduate research opportunities and other scholarly activities.
  • 99% of McNair students were retained through graduation.
  • Two McNair students were named as Truman Scholars.
  • Two McNair students were named as Goldwater Scholars.
Military Affairs
  • K-State Military-connected student enrollment continues to increase to represent over 10% of entire student body.
  • The department continues to advance university-wide awareness and efforts to become a more "military-inclusive" campus community and institution and continues to make progress.
New Student Services
  • NSS achieved a record enrollment in the Fall of 2014.
  • Maintained status as the #1 choice for Kansas high school graduates.
Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services
  • VSS created the Veterans Center in the K-State Student Union.
  • VSS assisted more than 200 students who collectively logged in excess of 3,500 hours in the Center. On average, more than 30 students utilize the space per day when classes are in session.
  • NTVSS has facilitated numerous faculty/staff trainings on military-affiliated student challenges and obstacles.
  • NTVSS facilitates scholarships for student veterans, funded by community organizations.
Office of Student Life
  • Student Life earned nearly an 86% user satisfaction rating in most recent senior survey.
  • Student Life responded to 23 Critical Incident Responses (CIRTs) involving seriously disruptive or dangerous behaviors.
Pilots Program
  • 50% of program participants are first generation college students, and 50% are multicultural.
  • 50% of the 2013 Pilots cohort achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • The Pilots Program has served and supported selected first year students from diverse backgrounds successfully for the past 20 years. Piolots engages first-year students with a diverse community of goal-oriented peers, facilitates individual academic guidance, and helps students develop a strong educational foundation.
Powercat Financial Counseling
  • U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, spotlighted Powercat Financial Counseling as a financial literacy program to emulate during his address to more than 6,000 financial aid professionals attending the 2013 Federal Student Aid Training Conference.
  • In May 2012, the United State's White House held a Summit on Financial Capability and Empowerment unveiling a toolkit of best-practices for higher education in the area of increasing financial capability which recognized Powercat Financial Counseling as a model program.
  • PFC has experienced an annual increase in individual financial counseling and group financial presentation services each year since its inception in 2009.
  • Kansas State University is increasing its efforts to educate students about their finances with a grant from the Council of Graduate Schools. Kansas State University is one of 15 institutions across the nation to receive this grant. The university is collaborating with the council and financial services provider TIAA-CREF to design a program that prepares students to play an active role in managing their personal finances and making informed decisions about saving, spending and borrowing. Working in concert with Powercat Financial Counseling, the program will reach students through individual counseling, group financial presentations, and through SALTmoney.org, an online financial tool introduced to the university in January 2013. 
Recreational Services
  • The K-State Challenge Course hosts more than 2200 participants annually, helping them grow within their various team groups.
  • Inline Hockey, Men’s Soccer, and Disc Golf, three of our Sports Clubs, qualified and represented Kansas State University in their national competitions.
  • In its first year of operation, the Climbing Wall had 3857 unique users visit and certified to belay 1512 people. From a survey done, of those belay certified users, 74% indicate the wall has had a positive or very positive effect on their social life and 54% indicate their physical activity has increased or increased greatly.
  • The registrar manages the electronic/real-time catalog for undergraduates
  • Application of student groups and block enrollment programs are being set into place to increase efficiency in the CAT Community enrollment process. 
Student Access Center
  • Formerly known as Disability Support Services, the office changed the name to reflect the philosophy of putting people first. The emphasis is on the accessibility of the environment rather than the individual. 
  • Over 650 students are registered with the office. 
  • Freshman to sophomore retention rate is consistent with the overall university rate. 
  • The office hosted the 7th annual "K-State For All: Disability Awareness Week"
Student Activities and Services
  • In 2013-2014 the Office of Student Activities and Services registered a record 486 student organizations.
  • The 2013 Week of Welcome included 38 events helping students make the transition to K-State.
  • Student Legal Services assisted 360 students throughout the year and spoke to more than 1,500 students about how to avoid legal issues in college.
Student Union
  • The K-State Student Union is preparing for a 25 million dollar renovation. The project, funded entirely by student fees, will update and consolidate student involvement space, and is set to begin July 2015.
  • The K-State Student Union received funding in 2013 from SGA to provide graphic design services to all registered student organizations. To date, the project has employed 8 new student positions and collaborated with more than 30 student groups.
  • As the host of the campus community, the K-State Student Union plays an integral role in the educational mission of the university. Since opening in 1956, the Union has provided quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities to thousands of Wildcats.
Undergraduate Admissions
  • Admissions received and processed a record number of applications for admission in 2014.
  • The University admitted a record number of students for the Fall 2014 term.
Women’s Center
  • In 2015, all students in their first four years of undergraduate education took an alcohol/sexual safety training course online; a significant portion have had the message in two forms (online and in person)
  • Women's Center donors have made it possible for the Women's Center to offer to pay for therapy at Counseling Services for all students who are unable to pay for trauma/healing interventions.