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Division of Communications and Marketing

eNewsletter templates

Need an easy way to reach your alumni, friends and other constituents with the latest news about your college, department or unit? Launch an enewsletter.

Kansas State University now has branded enewsletter templates available so those receiving your news will know it’s an official communication from the university.

Learn more or get started now by following these three quick steps:

Step 1

Email vpcm@k-state.edu to request an enewsletter. You can also reach out through your client manager, who can connect you to the appropriate staff member in the Division.

Step 2

A Division staff member will help you choose between the three available templates, work on a timeline and get you scheduled for training. During training, you will learn how to use the university's enewsletter software to produce your communication, in addition to some tips about what makes an effective newsletter.

Step 3

Once you've pulled together your content and know who you would like the enewsletter sent to, make a distribution request.

If you have any questions, email vpcm@k-state.edu or call the Division of Communications and Marketing, 785-532-2535.