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University Support Staff Senate


Award Winners from 2015

Award of Excellence
  • Office and Clerical, Meagan Bozarth, Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office of Arts and Sciences
  • Service and Maintenance, Susan Hazelbaker, Agricultural Technician, Veterinary Health Center
  • Technical and Professional, Christy Dipman, Administrative Officer, Forestry and Recreation Services
Employees of the Year

The University Support Staff Senate is proud to acknowledge the following Employees of the Year chosen by the individual colleges, administrative units, local agencies, and/or departments for their outstanding performance from January through December 2014.

  • Samuel Allbritton III, Police Department
  • Yvonne Bachura, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Frieda Beat, Human Capital Services
  • Velder Booth, Facilities Electrical Shop
  • Jami Clark, Career & Employment Services
  • Lydell Cox, K-State Global Campus
  • Connie Fechter, Family Studies and Human Services
  • Sherry Figge, Entomology
  • Morgan Fyffe, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
  • Myong Greinke, Housing and Dining Services
  • Lay "Eve" Grimm, K-State Student Union
  • Jennifer King, Human Capital Services
  • Joy Knutson, Facilities Customer Services
  • Marlene McNerney, New Student Services
  • Bradli Millington, Police Department
  • Erin C. Moore, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gisela Nash, College of Education, Office of the Dean
  • Brenda Nowakowski, Student Services
  • Felisa Osburn, K-State Libraries
  • Connie Schmidt, College of Business Administration
  • Maria Sender, Division of Student Life, Holton Hall Business Office
  • Richard Smith, Division of Facilities
  • Darla Thomas, Animal Sciences and Industry
  • Nancy Thompson, Division of Biology
  • Dennis Tomsicek, Western KSAG Research Center
  • Joni M. Wenderoff, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Financial Services
  • Kari Zook, K-State Salina, Student Services


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