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Transfer equivalency

We have established this site to help you understand the transferability of courses and the policies of Kansas State University .  To make the best use of the site, make sure you have a complete list of courses, with course numbers. This tool is to be used as a guide. The transferability of courses and how they are applied to specific majors can change without notice.

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Search for Transfer Equivalency for in-state, out-of-state, and international course by course.

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Transfer Equivalency Course by Course
  • The fact that a course appears in the list does not guarantee that the course will apply as transfer credit in your individual major.

  • After you are accepted to K-State we will officially evaluate your transcripts. Apply as early as possible as some courses take time to evaluate. 

  • If the course or school you are looking for is not on the list, we will evaluate those courses after you have been admitted to K-State. Keep in mind, K-State does not accept any courses for degree credit that are remedial, vocational, or technical in nature.

  • Just because the course may transfer to K-State does not mean that it will fulfill a requirement. Also, the fact that a class from your current or former school is listed does not guarantee that the school currently offers the course or plans to offer the course in the future.

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