Department of English

English/Counseling Services Building

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506

Editor's Note

It has been an exciting past few years for Touchstone. With our move to an
entirely online publication, we have been able to expand our selections to
include some of the best works from undergraduate and graduate students
from universities across the country. As we continue to grow, we are also
expanding our genres and awards to include flash fiction and art. This edition,
like those before it, is a representation of the best work submitted in the fall
of 2013. I offer my congratulations to the ten undergraduates whose visions
were selected as the best of Kansas State University for this volume.

While the quality of work submitted added to the success of this publication,
Touchstone would not have been possible without the skills of its devoted
staff, the advisors, and the English department. And for them, I am forever
grateful. In working with new formats and adapting to the every-changing
technology for publication, this edition’s staff has been dedicated to providing
the highest quality literary and arts publication that it possibly could. The
genre editors and our submission manager have helped to “spread the word”
through various channels about our local publication. Because of their efforts,
Touchstone has received submissions from all over the United States and
Canada. I would also like to thank the various assistant editors for their long
hours of reading, the copy editors who worked through spring break to get
the manuscripts ready for publication, and the production team who united
the various submissions into a quality digital publication.

I hope that you enjoy the works presented in this volume and that you will
continue to support the growth of literature and art not only at Kansas State
University, but around the world.



Corrina J Honeycutt


2014 Touchstone