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Department of English

English/Counseling Services Building

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506


Editors and Staff


Editor-in-Chief: Carmen Schober

Fiction Editor: Elizabeth Kraushar

Fiction Assistants: Heather Etelamaki, Sierra Hale, Lindsey Hamilton, Dillon Rockrohr, Alyxis Smith, Tom Webb

Flash Fiction Editor: Elizabeth Kraushar

Flash Fiction Assistants: Heather Etelamaki, Sierra Hale, Lindsey Hamilton, Dillon Rockrohr, Alyxis Smith, Tom Webb

Nonfiction Editor: Kristin Selby

Nonfiction Assistants: Liz Hoyt, Charlie King-Hagen, Brandon Schneeberger

Poetry Editor: Ian Sinnett

Poetry Assistants: Zian Butler, Liz Hoyt, Dillon Rockrohr

Art Editor: Liz Graham

Art Assistants: Erica Ruscio, Kelly Service

Copy Editors: Liz Case, Tim Lake, Katy Long

Submissions Manager: Katy Long

Digital Production Editor: Hannah Hackman

Design and Layout Editor: Hannah Hackman

Promotions Manager: Robert Sanders

Advisor: Kimball Smith


Editor-in-Chief: Corrina Honeycutt

Fiction Editor: Sierra Hale

Fiction Assistants: Heather Etelamaki and Alyxis Smith

Flash Fiction Editor: Sam Killmeyer

Flash Fiction Assistants: Kenan Dannenberg

Nonfiction Editor: Steven Miller

Nonfiction Assistants: Abby Kopp and Sydnie Olliff

Poetry Editor: Bryn Homuth

Poetry Assistants: Ian Sinnett

Art Editor: Erica Morgenstern

Copy Editors: Kaylea Pallister, Ginny Vincent and Sam Owen

Submissions Manager: Laura Thacker

Digital Production Editor: Alex Stinson

Design and Layout Editor: Melissa Hammond

Digital Archives Manager: Megan Birdsey

Advisor: Dan Hoyt


Editor-in-Chief: Emily Cruse

Proxy Editor: Corrina Honeycutt

Fiction Editor: Megan Deppner

Fiction Assistants: Brittney Tyler-Milholland, Elizabeth Simm, and Sierra Hale

Nonfiction Editor: Laura Thacker

Nonfiction Assistants: Casey Allen, Chad Hodge, and Feifei Zhan

Poetry Editor: Bryn Homuth

Poetry Assistants: Melissa Streeter Prescott, Kellicia Chipatala, and Chad Hodge

Copy Editors: Ginny Vincent and Sarah Hannaway

Submissions Manager: Kylie Kinley

Digital Production Editor: Alex Stinson

Design and Layout Editor: Melissa Hammond

Advisor: Kimball Smith


Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Euteneuer

Fiction Editor: Jeff Lanter

Fiction Assistants: Shaun Baker, Adam Herbener, Elizabeth Symm, Jasmine Foreman

Flash Fiction Editor: Emi Griess

Flash Fiction Assistants: Emily Midkiff, Meghan Bing

Nonfiction Editor: Maggie Borders

Nonfiction Assistants: Danielle Black, Kelly O’Sullivan, Morgan Carter, Emily Cruse

Poetry Editor:Sara Austin

Poetry Assistants: Caitlin Garzi, Kate Haddock, Morgan Bucholz, Melissa Prescott

Art Editor: Stephen Harmon

Copy Editors: Chris Remple, Orlando Dos Reis, Suzanna Morin

Submissions Manager: Emily Cruse

Web Editor/Designer: Tara Skaggs

Social Media Manager: Kristin Praeuner



Editor-in-Chief: Lindsey Givens

Fiction Editor: Jordan Kimbrell

Fiction Assistants: Jacob Euteneuer, Adam Herbener, Jeff Lanter, Rebecca Passannate

Nonfiction Editor: Christopher Urban

Nonfiction Assistants: Shaun Baker, Emi Griess, Kelly O’Sullivan, Jessica Reffner

Poetry Editor: Michael Mlekoday

Poetry Assistants: Sara Austin, Kelsey Hopson, Hunter Nedland, Kristin Praener

Art Editor: Tara Terkildsen

Art Assistants: Autumn Cuddy, Lauren McClelland, Johnny Ubben, Emily Worrell

Copy Editors: Maggie Borders and Angel Theriot

Submissions Manager: Skylar Moore

Design Editor: Mariya Vaughan

Webmaster: Nick Boen



Editor-in-Chief: Kim Peek

Fiction Editor: Jordan Kimbrell

Fiction Assistants: Cody Riedy, Heather Miller, Tim Wilkins, Cathy Qiu, Patrice Farrell

Nonfiction Editor: Bridget Clifford

Nonfiction Assistants: Adi Angel, Jackie Kleist, Cheryl Rauh, Connie Beckett, Christopher Urban

Poetry Editor: Michael Mlekoday

Poetry Assistants: Amy Harris-Aber, Chris Newell, Lindsey Givens, Kristen Walters, Ryane Thomas

Copy Editors: Lisa Thompson and Kristine Kimmi

Submissions Manager: Cameron Seifert

Design Editor: Mariya Vaughan



Editor-in-Chief: Chelsea Brimer

Fiction Editor: Miranda Asebedo

Fiction Assistants: Caitlin Muret, Sarah Fink, Chris Urban, Rebekah Mulvaney, Tracy Tucker

Nonfiction Editor: Trevor Alexander

Nonfiction Assistants: Christopher Linforth, Kim Peek, Melissa Johnson, Lauren Martin, Connie L. Beckett

Poetry Editor: Levi Jost

Poetry Assistants: Michelle Thomas, Kat Tigges, Chris Carpenter, Kelsey Bates, Katherine Buel, John Quinn

Copy Editors: Alyssa Reeves and Debrenée Adkisson

Submissions Manager: Ashley Ortiz

Design Editor: Chance York



Editor in Chief: David Murphy

Fiction Editor: Phil Hamilton

Fiction Assistants: Ellen Gould, Nathan Egelhof, Zach Thomas, Aaron Scwhartz, Caitlin Muret

Nonfiction Editor: Patrick Lewis

Nonfiction Assistants: Kelsey Childress, Sean Trolinder, Joe Vanderhyde, Jimbo Ivy, Susan Alsop

Poetry Editor: Rachel Moore

Poetry Assistants: Brandon Cummins, Claire Wimer, Erika Varady, Kelsey Bates

Copy Editors: Alyssa Maree Reeves, Amber Archer, Andrew LeValley

Submissions Managers: Robin Nelson and Jill Ihrke

Design Editor: Chelsea Brimer