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Touchstone 2014

Below is an index to the 2013 edition of touchstone. Each link leads to the full pdf of the touchstone no. 43 and has been organized by genre. Congratulations to all of the authors who published this year! - touchstone Staff


3   touchstone 2014 Staff List

4   Editors Note - Corrina Honeycutt


6      Dillon Rockrohr, "Mid-Campus" (First Place Poetry)

8      ---, "Here I'm Alive"

9     Cormac Badger, "Everyone Can Pick Up Heavier Things than Me"
    (Second Place Poetry)

10     ---,"Suburban Lamplighter"

11     ---, "The Collection"

12    Grant Samms, "Do You Deserve the Eggs?"

13    Erica Ruscio, "Act IV"

14    Carl Conway, "Flyswatter"

15     ---, "Mark the Walls"

16    ---, "Trying Out"


Flash Fiction:

17     Carrie Cook, "Stones"

19     Charles King-Hagen, "John Player Specials" (1st place flash)

22     Kari Bingham-Gutierrez, "Pay Day Loans Ad" (2nd place flash)



24     Grant Samms, "What Are the Odds" (1st Place Nonfiction)

29     Chelsea Aeschliman, "The House that Built Me" (2nd Place Nonfiction)



33     Charles King-Hagen, "Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theater" (1st place fiction)

41     Tanner Rush, "Sirens" (2nd place fiction)

49     Cormac Badger, "Radioisotope"

55     Ora McIntosh, "Secrets from Camp Manitowa"

63     Dana Stelting-Kempf, "Bunker Birthday"



1       Dana Stelting-Kempf, "Catapilliar in the Dill"

18     Erica Rusio, "Ellis"

23     Kelly Potter, "Reclining Figure"

48     Brian Hampel, "The Seer in his Study" (2nd place art)

62     Gabrielle DeFonso, "Here's Johnny" (1st place art)


71     Contributor Bios