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K-State Today Student Edition

August 22, 2012

Acacia ranked best chapter internationally

By Garrett Kennedy

The Undergraduate and Alumni members of K-State Acacia celebrate being recognized as the top chapter internationally together at the 57th Biennial Conclave in St. Louis, MO.

For outstanding commitment to community service, a top record of academic excellence and strong leadership programming, the Kansas State University chapter of Acacia Fraternity has earned the Malcolm Award, an honor given to the top Acacia chapter across the United States and Canada.

K-State Acacia earned the award for the first time in the chapter’s 99 year history at K-State at the 57th Biennial Conclave and Leadership Academy in St. Louis on Aug. 4.

“This isn’t about just us. This award doesn’t go out to one member of the house, the chapter leadership or even just the active members,” said Garrett Kennedy, junior in agronomy and chapter president. “This award recognizes the almost 1,200 members in the past 99 years who have stood by Acacia’s strong values of putting others first, working hard to achieve growth, and seeking their personal best.”

K-State Acacia’s mission of personal growth, lifelong friendships and human service has seen many notable feats in the past years.

Acacia members recently earned a 3.375 all-house grade point average. It marks the 13th consecutive semester of placing in the top quartile for the chapter. Additionally, members served a collective 1,236 hours to the community during the past school year. Members also hold multiple campus leadership positions in student government, university honoraries and departmental clubs.

At the international gathering of Acacia chapters every two years, the international fraternity named 17 individual award areas. The Kansas State University chapter brought home six awards in campus leadership, financial operations, chapter programming and membership development, excellence in communication technology, academic programming and alumni advising.

“It is an honor to accept the Malcolm on behalf of the K-State Acacia chapter as it sets a measure in which to manage the chapter to new heights for the next 100 years,” said Brian Nelson, chairman of the Acacia alumni board. “We have a great group of alumni and undergraduates who put a large amount of effort into making K-State Acacia a leader in building exceptional lives through growth, brotherhood, and service.”

In addition to the support of the international fraternity, K-State leadership provided local support and celebration on the top chapter honor coming to Manhattan.

“Our K-State Acacia chapter winning the Malcolm is a celebration of lots of hard work, determination, and most importantly, the incredible passion of alumni and undergraduates,” said Pat Bosco, vice president for student life and dean of students. “My heart-felt congratulations go to Acacia for earning this significant international award and bringing great recognition to the university and our Greek community.”

Not only does the top chapter award reflect on the activities and values of the past, but it also provides great hope for the future. Celebrating its centennial in 2013, the Kansas State University chapter looks to continue on its motto of human service, excel academically and provide more leadership opportunities.

For more information, please visit www.kstateacacia.org.