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K-State Today Student Edition

August 21, 2012

A welcome letter for students

By Kirk Schulz

Dear Students:

Welcome back to K-State! I hope your summer was fun and productive and you get off to a great start in your classes. If you are new to one of our campuses, we want you to feel at home as part of the K-State family. Yes, it is OK (but not required) to wear purple every day.

I certainly want you to enjoy Kansas State to the fullest, and want to encourage everyone (that means YOU!) to be involved on campus. With more than 450 different campus organizations, you are sure to find fellow students who will further enrich what many believe is already one of the best college experiences in America.

You will see many construction projects under way on our Manhattan campus – from an expansion of Bill Snyder Family Stadium to a new Purple Masque Theatre – these are all part of K-State 2025 and building a better K-State. With construction projects of this scale, there are times when students, faculty and staff may be inconvenienced. I appreciate your flexibility over the coming months and please let me know when issues arise so we can respond.

A wise person once said, “All things in moderation.” Please be careful as you and other K-Staters get together and celebrate another Wildcat victory or getting that “A” on a challenging exam. When it comes to relationships and alcohol consumption, there are many resources available on campus to provide information or assistance in making healthy decisions.

You are encouraged to stay in touch with me on Facebook (send a friend request to Kirk Schulz) and on Twitter (@kstate_pres). I enjoy hearing your opinions and suggestions as to how we can make your educational experience the best in the Big 12. As an avid email reader, I welcome notes at kirks@k-state.edu. I may not always reply immediately, but will get back to you in a few days at the latest.

Finally, we have a faculty and staff who are second to none when it comes to helping our students succeed. When you see one of the people who help make your K-State experience special, please take a moment and say, “Thank you.”

Have a great semester – and as always – Go Cats!