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K-State Today Student Edition

April 24, 2012

K-State Mock Trial Club presents: A Night in Law School

By Bondy Kaye

Professor Michael Kaye of the Washburn School of Law will give an exclusive law school lecture on evidence at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Staterooms 2 and 3 in the K-State Student Union.

This lecture will taken be straight from the evidence class given to first year law students. Professor Kaye is a regional community member of the Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture organizing committee, and has participated in several of its programs at K-State. The K-State Mock Trial Club invites you to come experience a night in Law School.

Kaye is the director of the Washburn Center for Excellence in Advocacy. He teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, trial advocacy and evidence law. He is a longtime clinical teacher and a former director of the Washburn Law Clinic. Kaye is a program director for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and has taught trial advocacy to lawyers and law students across Kansas and out of state. He has frequently taught at the Harvard Law School Winter Trial Advocacy Workshop.

Kaye's research interests have focused on law and psychology issues including measuring motorist’s attitudes and reactions to DUI roadblocks, judges and lawyers attitudes toward the Kansas two-tier system of appeal de novo from municipal court convictions and jurors’ attitudes toward the adequacy of courtroom facilities and jury amenities in Kansas courthouses. He has published frequently in the ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases. He is also a longtime CLE presenter in Kansas and has coordinated programs on DUI defense and presented on current issues in criminal law and procedure and municipal court law and practice. He served on the Kansas Judicial Council Committee on the Cost of the Death Penalty and was a member of the Kansas Criminal Code Recodification Commission.