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K-State Today

August 17, 2011

Sandercock gives plenary lecture at international conference on migratory birds

By Brett K. Sandercock

Sandercock with Great Snipe

Brett K. Sandercock, associate professor of biology, presented a plenary lecture at the fourth meeting of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group, Aug. 11-15, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

The international conference on migratory birds drew wildlife biologists from Latin America, Canada and the United States. Sandercock's lecture was "Population biology of a terrestrial shorebird: the Upland Sandpiper." His lecture was based on long-term research at grassland sites at Konza Prairie Biological Station in Kansas and northwest Uruguay. Sandercock also co-authored a paper “Age-specific demography and population dynamics of the Western Sandpiper."

Sandercock is the demographic coordinator for the Arctic Shorebird Demographic Network, a consortium of research teams working on migratory shorebirds at 10 arctic field sites in northern Alaska and Canada.

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