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K-State Today

August 10, 2011

Libraries faculty and staff publish and present online

By Donna Ekart

Five K-State Libraries faculty and staff recently published or presented research to online journals or at Web-based conferences.

Tara Baillargeon, head faculty and graduate services librarian; Livia Olsen, faculty and graduate services librarian; and Harish Maringanti, application support programmer, presented "Developing an Open Access Croplands Research Database Through Global Collaboration" at the Special Libraries Association Food, Agriculture and Nutrition contributed papers webinar July 27.

Donna F. Ekart, communications coordinator, presented "Doing More with Less: What to do with Your 140 Characters" at Handheld Librarian V  July 27.

Leo Lo, research and development librarian, published "Design Your Library Video Like a Hollywood Blockbuster: Using Screenplay Structure to Engage Viewers," in the instructional design and technology issue of Indiana Libraries, the journal of the Indiana Library Federation.

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