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K-State Today

August 21, 2017

Honor and Integrity System update

By Steven Dandaneau

The Honor and Integrity System announces several recent changes.

Camilla Roberts has been appointed as director. Roberts' full-time responsibilities include overseeing the adjudication and educational components of the system. Before this appointment, Roberts served as associate director for nine consecutive years. She is active nationally and internationally with the International Center for Academic Integrity.

Roberts earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counselor education from Clemson University, and her doctorate in student affairs in higher education from Kansas State University. We thank Roberts for her willingness to step into this new leadership role.

The Honor and Integrity System also has a new graduate teaching assistant, Kylie Andres, a K-State alumna who is now pursuing a master's degree in college student development. Andres' responsibilities center on teaching the course in Development and Integrity. She also will work to develop and implement an Integrity Week in spring 2018.

In addition to a new personnel structure and new personnel to go with it, the Honor and Integrity System also introduces new marketing materials. With the help of the Division of Communications and Marketing's creative expertise, the Honor and Integrity System will promote the idea that K-State is "A Family Built on TrUSt," and will focus on "choice," "learning" and "promise" in hope that this will help the university community continually reaffirm that trust is based on "us."

Honor and Integrity System representatives are available to present to university groups, classes, or any university constituency. Please contact Honor and Integrity staff at honor@k-state.edu or 785-532-2595.