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K-State Today

August 3, 2017

President Myers sends charge to Campus Security Authorities with mandatory reporting obligations

By K-State Clery

Kansas State University is dedicated to helping all members of the K-State community have a positive educational experience and is fully committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment. As part of that commitment, K-State adheres to the requirements outlined in the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, also known as the Clery Act. This federal law applies to most public and private universities and is tied directly to federal funding of various kinds, including federal student aid. For this and other reasons, it is imperative that K-State complies with the requirements set forth by the Clery Act.

K-State is sponsoring various initiatives to increase awareness, educate and provide resources relating to individual and university obligations under the Clery Act. One such initiative is a convenient and concise training for Campus Security Authorities, or CSAs, that may be found at k-state.edu/report/ and is required for all CSAs.

A Campus Security Authority is an official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, recognized student organizations, student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings. CSAs are individuals responsible for providing options and resources in support of alleged crime victims, while concurrently reporting crime information to the correct university entities in a timely manner.

The first round of CSA designation letters for the 2017 calendar year were distributed this spring and the second round were distributed Aug. 1. Designations will continue to be distributed if/when additional CSAs are identified on the Manhattan, Polytechnic and Olathe campuses. Any questions regarding CSA designations or the Clery Act, in general, may be directed to Sarah F. Barrett, coordinator of Clery Act federal compliance at ksuclery@k-state.edu.

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