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K-State Today

February 24, 2017

K-State faculty and students present at music conference

By Kurt Gartner

K-State faculty and students are scheduled to present various performances and presentations at the 2017 Kansas Music Educators Association annual in-service conference, through Feb. 25, at the Century II Convention Center in Wichita.

Janie Brokenicky, instructor of music, presented a concert Feb. 23 as director of the Flint Hills Children's Choir. The concert featured students grades 3-10 from the Manhattan area.

Cora Cooper, professor of music, will present a clinic with performance, "Evening the Score: Including Violin and Viola Music by Women in your Solo Repertoire Choices" Feb. 24. Violin and viola music written by women will be performed, with information on sourcing and its use in teaching. Integrating the music with Suzuki repertoire, historical background on the composers, and impact on diversity and empowerment issues will be discussed.

Brockenicky will present new music for unison, two-part and soprano, soprano alto voicings Feb. 24. 

Tod Kerstetter, professor of music, will conduct the K-State Clarinet Ensemble in concert Feb. 24 featuring the music of Argentinian tango master Ástor Piazzolla.

Kurt Gartner, professor of music, will present a clinic session, "Latin Jazz in the School Band Curriculum" Feb. 24. With live performance examples from the K-State Latin Jazz Ensemble, Gartner will introduce the concept of Latin jazz as a vehicle to launch or enhance jazz offerings in instrumental music programs.

Jim Johnson, instructor of music, will present "Better Brass Playing Guaranteed: A Fast, Simple Approach to Better Brass Playing" Feb. 25. Using a small trumpet ensemble, Johnson will address the art of brass playing, including fundamental exercises, ensemble concepts and common pitfalls and misconceptions about brass instruments.

Alison Robuck, instructor of music, will present the clinic session "Transitioning, Incorporating, and Retaining Student Oboists" Feb. 25. This session about student oboists will offer band directors solutions for transitioning students to the oboe and methods to help incorporate and retain the oboists in their band.

Phil Payne, assistant professor of music, will present his clinic "Learning the Sequence: Experiencing Music Through Digital Audio Workstations in the Music Classroom" Feb. 25. This session explores the options and sequence of instruction for digital music production in the public school classroom.

A reception for K-State alumni will be at 5 p.m. Feb. 25 in the Hyatt Riverview Room.