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K-State Today

September 6, 2011

Graduate School presents graduation/commencement open forum

By Amanda Umscheid

The Graduate School will have a Graduation and Commencement Deadlines Open Forum from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, in the Town Hall Room at the Leadership Studies Building.

Beginning with the fall 2011 semester, all candidates for master's and doctoral degrees must submit the graduation application via the student center in iSIS. This will replace the diploma information online form previously required by the Graduate School. The graduation application will add students to the list of candidates for degree completion and update the degree/diploma name and mailing address.

Graduate degree candidates must still submit the approval to schedule final examination at least two weeks prior to the date of the final defense or examination in order to have their records reviewed for degree completion. Professional master's degree students in the College of Business Administration and the College of Architecture, Planning and Design should submit the appropriate graduation clearance or approval form with your student services office.

In order to submit the graduation application, students must log into iSIS and go to "Academics" in the student center. Open the "Other Academic" list box and click "Apply for Graduation" and then click go (>>) and complete the online application. Step by step instructions on applying for graduation are available in iSIS Help at the following link.

 Thank you for encouraging your graduating graduate students to attend this important event and for sharing the information about the new iSIS Graduation Application.