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K-State Today

January 4, 2012

Union displays World War II patriotism and propaganda

By Maggie Stephens

Experience the patriotism and propaganda of World War II through “On the Homefront,” complied by Ray Kurtz, professor emeritus in the College of Education, featuring various authentic pieces from the World War II time period.

Viewers will see examples of how companies assisted the nation in advocating patriotism and encouraged citizens to make purchases that financed the war. Many of the items are companies’ and organizations’ products and promotions to benefit these war efforts.

Kurtz was raised in Osborne County and only 8 years old when World War II began. His interest in the war resulted from the pride and heroism associated with those who served military time during World War II. As an avid collector, Kurtz has accumulated many of these war era artifacts because of his passion for their historical meaning and his interest in each object’s past.

“My interest in this subject and exhibit is my love for history. Each item has an educational history. Who had it? Where did it come from?” Kurtz said.

The exhibit, sponsored by Union Program Council, can be seen until Jan. 18 in the William T. Kemper Art Gallery. The gallery hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Located on the first floor of the K-State Student Union, the Kemper Gallery is free and open to the public. For a complete list of all UPC activities, visit k-state.edu/upc or call the UPC office at 785-532-6571.