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K-State Today

January 3, 2012

Training sessions for KSU Foundation accounting manual Jan. 10

By Christy Scott

The Kansas State University Foundation is committed to providing training to campus personnel who are responsible for sending contributions to the foundation and/or requesting disbursements from funds held at the foundation. If you were not able to attend the November session, another training session is coming up Jan. 10. 

We will discuss key issues surrounding contributions, disbursements, fundraising events and forms preparation. We will also provide information on new updates to the accounting manual in the areas of:

  • Sponsored Projects (new form)
  • Credit Card Security (PCI compliance)
  • Payments to foreign entities and persons
  • Payroll reimbursement documentation
  • Cellphones

 We encourage you to attend a session if:

  • You have never attended a session
  • You are new to the university or to your position as a liaison to the foundation.
  • You have questions about any policy or procedure.

Training sessions will be held at the KSU Foundation Building, 2323 Anderson Ave., second floor training room. 

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 10:30-11:45 a.m. and 3:30-4:45 p.m.

Please RSVP to Christy Scott at christys@found.ksu.edu with the time that you would like to attend.