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K-State Today

September 27, 2011

Tech tip: WDYL.com does super-search across all Google tools

By Shalin Hai-Jew

“What do you love?” - wdyl.com - is a tool released by Google this summer that enables users to call up a compilation of Google searches on a topic. It combines all forms of Google searches: the 3D Sketch-Up, Trends tool, Product Search, Picasa albums, Google Books, Translation tool, Google Earth, Google Voice, Google Groups, Google Mobile, Google Calendar, Patent Search, a Blog Search, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Alerts and Chrome Search Engine.

Simply go to Google's wdyl.com. Type in your search term, and the three-column display shows the top responses for the search. For this short experiment, a colleague suggested “geothermal architecture,” and the following screenshot shows the above-the-fold findings in June.

To see how the search tool is evolving, check out the current "geothermal architecture" search on WDYL.