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K-State Today

September 29, 2011

Share your favorite K-State fund with others during the All-University Campaign

By Susan Wolf Berhow

All-University Campaign 2011 logo

If you have a favorite K-State fund that you would like to see listed on the All-University Campaign website, tell us about it.

Just post your favorite fund and why you support it on the All-University Campaign's Facebook page wall. Or tweet about it with the hashtag #KStateAUC. We will update our online list based on suggestions shared via social media. And who knows? Maybe your favorite fund will become someone else's favorite fund, too.

One of the great things about the All-University Campaign for K-State is that you can choose the area you want to support. Whether your passion is an academic department, the arts, athletics or something else entirely, you choose where your dollars go. K-State has more than 5,000 funds to chose from, so there is something for everyone. Click here to see a list of suggested funds. To share your favorite fund, visit one of the following social media sites:




Hashtag: #KStateAUC

The All-University Campaign for K-State is an internal fundraising effort run by campus faculty and staff volunteers specifically focused on the participation of all employees including the Manhattan campus, K-State Salina, K-State Olathe, K-State Alumni Association, KSU Foundation and K-State Athletics. It is an annual campaign for all members of the campus community to participate in by supporting the areas of the university they care about most.