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K-State Today

August 26, 2011

Accounting and finance professors will help lead the College of Business Administration as associate deans

By Olivia Blanco

Anand Desai and Stacy Kovar have been reappointed as associate deans of the College of Business Administration by Ali Malekzadeh, dean.

Desai is the associate dean for academic administration, while Kovar is the interim associate dean for academic programs. Their new appointments are effective immediately.

“This new structure will allow our associate deans to increase scholarly focus within our college, making the College of Business Administration more efficient, and enabling us to participate in K-State’s Vision 2025,” said Malekzadeh.

Desai will manage the administration of the college, including budgets, information technology and communications. 

“With our eyes set on continued growth and improvement of our college, it is more important than ever that our college runs efficiently and focuses on the strategic mission. I am honored to take on this challenge and look forward to enhancing the opportunities that we will bring to our students, faculty and staff,” Desai said.

Kovar will manage all academic programs, including six undergraduate majors, two master’s programs and two graduate certificates, as well as academic advising and recruitment efforts.

“I am delighted to be working with our students and their families. I look forward to joining with faculty, staff and alumni as we continue to assure that our academic programs stay relevant and competitive. With our programs we want every student to receive an outstanding education and have the experiences they need to become a successful professional and productive member of society," Kovar said.

Before their reappointment, Desai was the associate dean and director of undergraduate studies; Kovar was the interim associate dean and director of graduate studies.

“I am confident that Dr. Kovar and Dr. Desai will excel in their new positions and will help us increase undergraduate student research, as well as increase recruitment and retention of world-class faculty, both important features of Vision 2025,” Malekzade said.

Stacy Kovar has a doctorate and a master’s of accountancy, both from Oklahoma State University. She has been a faculty member at K-State since 1997. She is a professor of accounting and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Faculty Fellow. 

Anand Desai has a doctorate from the University of Michigan and a master of business administration from Oklahoma State University. He has been with K-State since 1994, and served as the head of the finance department from 1998 to 2008. He is an associate professor of finance and holds the Capitol Federal Distinguished Chair in Finance.