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K-State Today

September 30, 2011

Deadline for academic progress reports extended

By Mike Lynch

Several faculty members did not receive the initial notice announcing the date academic progress reports were due. Therefore, we are extending the deadline until 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 7.  If you have already submitted your academic progress reports, you DO NOT need to submit them again.


These reports are a valuable part of the university’s retention efforts and are used by the academic advisers and academic support services as they work with students. Please remember that you can include such factors as class attendance, completion of homework in an accurate and timely fashion, classroom participation, out-of-class preparation, etc., in your assessment of satisfactory or unsatisfactory work.


Submission of the progress reports is electronic through the iSIS system — no paper rosters will be provided. Faculty can check to see which of their fall 2011 classes have freshmen enrolled by going to the iSIS Faculty Center.  Under “My Teaching Schedule,” those courses with freshmen enrolled will have a mid-term grade roster icon posted. Click on this icon and the names and report form for the freshmen will appear. Whether or not you believe you have freshmen in any of your classes, please check. As noted, these rosters will be accessible until 5 p. Friday, Oct. 7.


For those classes in which freshmen are enrolled, you will be shown a mid-term academic progress report form with the names of the freshmen listed — and only the freshmen will be listed. You will be asked to indicate whether the freshmen are doing SATISFACTORY, grade A–C, or UNSATISFACTORY, GRADE D-F, work at this time.


For those doing unsatisfactory work, faculty members are requested to indicate one or more reasons why you believe this is so. For those doing unsatisfactory work, at least one reason must be indicated. Once you have marked all of the students listed, click “SAVE” to store your responses to the Progress Report. Please be sure to complete the rosters for all classes indicated.