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K-State Today

August 1, 2011

Electronic transcripts now available for alumni and students

By Michael Crow

Faculty and staff should be advised that the registrar's office is now offering online transcript ordering with an option for electronic PDF delivery. Through a partnership with AVOW Systems Inc., the premier electronic transcript vendor, current students and alumni can now order and pay for transcripts online and for a nominal fee, the transcript can also be delivered electronically.

The electronic PDF transcript is an official transcript that is backed by the Geo-Trust SSL authentication certification. This ensures the recipient can trust the document has not been altered during delivery. A blue ribbon is present at the top of the certified transcript to indicate security has not been breached and certifies the identity of the author and integrity of the document's contents. The placement of the blue ribbon is done each time the document is opened as evidence that a certification has occurred.

 A certified transcript is more secure as a PDF than a paper transcript because it can be sent directly to the recipient. Additional benefits include:

  1. Faster transaction time with no manual intervention on orders that are properly authenticated and have no holds.
  2. The ability to deliver to any recipient, worldwide, with a valid email address.
  3. Improved service to students and alumni.

The reduced processing time will be beneficial to alumni and students. These benefits will help our students and alumni respond quickly to the delivery needs of this critical document.

Email confirmation will be sent to the requester when the order is received, processed and delivered. For an additional fee, a tracking feature can be added to show who opened a transcript, when it was opened and if it was printed.

The electronic PDF transcript delivery option is the most cost-effective method of sending fast, secure and official transcripts to specific recipients.