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Testing Programs and Services

For Test Takers

The K-State testing center provides a secure, comfortable and distraction-free environment for all testing clients.  We are committed to ensuring your safety, security of test materials and equipment, and confidentiality of any personal information shared or provided to test center staff. The following information is essential to our efforts when providing quality service to you. All testing clients are held to the standards outlined below.

Cell phone policy

Since no cell phones, PDAs, or other digital devices are allowed on the test center premises, clients who MUST leave an emergency contact number (baby sitters, crisis centers, etc.) where they can be reached, can provide the following information to their contact person. During weekdays the contact information is 785-532-2957, 2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 102. On weekends the contact number will be campus security 785-532-6412, and the client must provide the building in which their test is being administered.


The KSU Foundation is located at the 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan. The Test Center is located in suite 102.

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Driving directions

Arriving via Interstate 70 East, get on I-70 W toward Salina. Follow I-70 W to KS-177.  At exit 313, take ramp right for KS-177 toward Council Grove/Manhattan. Drive 0.2 miles then turn right onto KS-177N/Pillsbury Dr. Drive 7.7 miles.  Keep straight onto KS-18/KS-177, drive 0.6 miles then take the ramp right for KS-18/KS-177 toward Tuttle Creek Blvd. Drive 0.2 miles then turn right onto KS-18 W/KS-177 S/Fort Riley Blvd.  Drive 2.0 miles to 17th Street, turn right onto 17th Street. Drive 1mile to Anderson Avenue. Turn left onto Anderson Avenue W, drive .9 miles and arrive at 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502.

Arriving via Interstate 70 West, take I-70 East/US-40 East toward Topeka. At exit 303, take ramp right for KS-18 East toward Manhattan/Ogden.  Turn left onto KS-18 /K-18 Bypass Hwy.   Drive 3.7 miles (road name changes to KS-18 W then to KS-18 E. Drive 8.7 miles then turn left onto S 17TH Street. Drive 0.4 miles (road name changes to N 17th Street), continue driving 0.5 miles to Anderson Avenue. Turn left onto Anderson Avenue W, drive .9 miles and arrive at 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502.

K-State faculty, staff and students with a current K-State Id, ATA bus transportation is available for free point to point rides from KSU Foundation, K-State Student Union, and Edwards Hall. 

For more information please visit Riley County's ATA Bus Fixed Transportion Route.  For additional information about parking around campus call Kansas State Parking Services at (785)-532-7275, or email at parking@k-state.edu or visit http://www.k-state.edu/parking.

Emergency action plan

The K-State Testing Center has an active emergency action plan in effect. Testing clients’ are invited to ask for or review the test center emergency plan at any time.  A copy of the K-State Emergency Action Guide is posted in the testing office for your information.

Emergency contact

After office hours testing clients or parents can contact the K-State Police and Security at 785-532-6412 for information.  For emergency questions specific to weekend testing schedules and locations testing clients may call 785-532-5392.


All fees must be paid in advance of the testing services being performed. The only forms of payment accepted at the test center are those described on the registrations forms for services. Testing clients are responsible for arranging payments and honoring their payment agreements.

Food and drink

Absolutely NO food and drinks are allowed in the testing room. Testing clients must consume all food and drink prior to the testing appointment. For clients who test over an extended period of time, authorization for breaks and snacks must be granted by the test provider. Those who choose to consume a beverage or snack during extended testing will be responsible for providing their own and will only be allowed to consume the snack on an authorized break, outside the testing area. Clients will not be allowed to leave the building to purchase or consume snacks. It is important to know that all testing requirements and test center policies will remain in effect during authorized breaks.


Request for services must be submitted on the Testing Services Request Form provided on this website or at the Test Center. All requests must be submitted within two (2) weeks or not later than one (1) week before the desired service date. Testing clients are responsible for coordinating proper procedures for testing between the test provider/school/ instructor and the test center. The test center is not responsible for initiating proctoring or testing services.


The minimum requirement for identification at the test center is a current, unexpired state or government photo ID, with the test taker’s description and bearing a valid signature. Other identification requirements prescribed by test providers/schools/instructors must be met in order for any client to test. Clients are encouraged to review their test provider/school/instructor identification requirements prior to reporting to the test center. Clients without proper identification will not be allowed to test.


The test center is located in the KSU Foundation Center at 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502. Clients are encouraged to read their appointment or admission document for the correct location of the test administration.  Test locations can be confirmed by contacting the testing office by phone (785) 532-2957 or by e-mail, testing@ksu.edu, Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 pm.  For other test locations, see the K-State national testing schedule.


Parking on the K-State campus or its off-campus Foundation Center requires a permit of visitor's pass.  Examinees are encouraged to arrive ahead of their appointment time to determine their parking location and/or their mode of transportation to the Test Center.  For more information about parking at K-State call (785)-532-7275 or visit www.k-state.edu/parking

Permitted and prohibited behavior

Testing clients are strongly advised to read and understand the policies of their test providers regarding permitted and prohibited behaviors in the test center. Clients who violate these policies are subject to the test center's and/or the test provider's dismissal guidelines.

Personal property

Only items required for testing are allowed in the test center. There is a limited amount of space for storing personal property—purses, small handbags, or billfolds— at the test center. Clients must read their appointment/admission documents for instructions on what they are allowed to have at the test center. The testing center is not responsible for personal property left unattended at the center.

Test materials

Only materials required for testing and/or outlined in test instructions are allowed in the testing room. Absolutely NO storage devices are allowed in the testing rooms. Testing clients who must have access to separate files in order to complete their test administration must contact the test center at least two weeks in advance to facilitate the coordination of use and standards for testing.

Testing room environment

Since the testing room must adequately accommodate all testing clients, you are reminded of the following:

  • Dress in layers: Testing room temperature may fluctuate depending on the number of occupants in the room and the season’s temperature.
  • Consider other testing clients: Refrain from wearing strong perfumes and colognes.
  • Smokers, please consider not smoking before entering the testing room. There is no smoking allowed during testing breaks.
  • Distractions: To provide a distraction-free environment in the testing room, please refrain from tapping pencils and pens on the desks, chairs, partitions, shoes, and body. Do not read aloud, hum, or breathe loudly when frustrated or anxious. If you are ill from a cold, flu or allegies, and cough, sneeze or sniffle uncontrollably or excessively you will cause a distraction in the testing room. We recommend you contact the test center staff about other testing accommodation.
  • Hygiene: Take care of oral and personal hygiene before entering the test center. Understand that testing room is not the   place to relieve yourself. If you are ill, please consider rescheduling your appointment so as not to infect or disturb other  clients.

Special accommodations

Requests and/or consideration for special accommodations while testing must be initiated through the test provider/school/instructor. The test center cannot grant special testing accommodations, but will work with test takers and providers to accommodate those with special or comfort needs.

Video/audio recording/surveillance

All testing is subject to video and audio recording and surveillance. By agreeing to receive services from the testing center, testing clients are acknowledging their compliance and agreement to the policies and procedures of the test center.