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PRAXIS Series exams jump start

About the PRAXIS Series exams

The PRAXIS Series exams are offered by computer-based testing and in paper-pencil format. K-State only offers the paper-pencil format of the PRAXIS Series. Exams are divided into two areas:


Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) is offered in two (2) sessions. Session one (1) is divided into two one-hour sections: the PPST Reading or Mathematics test is offered in the first hour, and the Mathematics test is offered in the second hour of Session 1. Please note: The mathematics test offered in the first hour of Session 1 is designed for test takers who are registered to take the mathematics test without taking the reading test on the same test day. If you registered for both mathematics and reading, you must take each test in the order described above.


Licensure Area - Principle of Learning and Teaching - Early Childhood, Grades K-6, Grades 5-9, and Grades 7-12 and all other teaching subject areas

Registering for your PRAXIS exam

Before registering for your PRAXIS exams be sure to review the list of exams offered to determine which exam you are required to sit. You can visit your college advisor and/or review the list of required testsand certifications below. To register for both paper-pencil and Internet-based tests, test takers must visit the ETS website, create an account in PRAXIS and register to test. See the link below for help with registering for a test.

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Kansas PRAXIS test requirements

Find information on the State of Kansas testing and teacher licensure requirements

Other important registration information

Also available under the registration tab for the PRAXIS Series Testing:

Test fees

Test takers with disabilities

Other testing accommodations

Test registration codes

PRAXIS Series exams test preparation materials

Test takers can find information and test preparation material on the Educational Testing Services website. You are offered information on developing a study plan and given the option to view test preparation webinars free of charge. Visit the link above and select the PRAXIS test you are preparing form and examine the materials available.

PRAXIS Series frequently asked questions