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Student Governing Association

Executive Cabinet History

2014-2015Chief of StaffAndy Hurtig
 State Relations DirectorAsher Gilliland
 Local Relations DirectorChrista McKittrick
 Student Director of Sustainability Caitlyn Webb
 Health and Safety DirectorKatie Gehrt
 Executive Initiatives DirectorJoey Wenberg
 Residence Hall LiaisonLindy Bilberry
 Student Organization Outreach Co-DirectorLizzi Petite
 Student Organization Outreach Co-DirectorSarah Truman
 Public Relations DirectorMike Stanton
 Technology DirectorTucker Styrkowicz
 Student Affairs DirectorBecky Brady
 International Affairs DirectorYouwei Yang
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorChristine Caban
 Chief EconomistBrodie Herrman
2013-2014Chief of StaffAbby Works
 International Affairs DirectorTanmay Varma
 Local Relations DirectorMatt Brill
 State Relations DirectorEric Haun
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorZuleica Gerardo
 Public Relations DirectorAva Clark
 Manhattan/Salina RelationsTyler Lewis
 Student Safety DirectorMark Johnson
 Student Director of SustainabilityKaley Oldani
 Technology DirectorTheo Stavropoulos
 Residence Hall LiaisonEthan Hawkins
 Retention Strategies DirectorShai Washington
 Executive Initiatives DirectorChance Berndt
 Student Affairs DirectorSteph Hughes
2012-2013Chief of StaffKaitlin Long
 International Affairs DirectorShruti Mishra
 Local Relations DirectorJake Unruh
 State Relations DirectorEllen Bergkamp
 Public Relations DirectorEthan Sageser
 Manhattan/Salina RelationsTyler Lewis
 Student Safety DirectorKathryn Wright
 Student Director of SustainabilityKayla Mohnsen
 Technology DirectorBobby Specht
 Residence Hall LiaisonEthan Hawkins
 Retention Strategies DirectorValerie Rito
 Executive Initiatives DirectorTravis Heideman
 Campus Entertainment Program DirectorMichael Murray
2011-2012Chief of StaffEli Schooley
 International Affairs DirectorXu Tan
 Local Relations DirectorJustin Scott
 State Relations DirectorJeff Brownlee
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorTyrone Williams
 Public Relations DirectorMichelle Hill
 Manhattan/Salina RelationsBrett Cooper
 Student Safety DirectorKathryn Wright
 Student Director of SustainabilityGrant Hill
 Technology DirectorTheo Stavropoulos
 Residence Hall Liaison 
 Campus Entertainment Program DirectorAndy Blattner
 Student Affairs DirectorKyle Reynolds
2010-2011Chief of StaffSarah Works
 International Affairs DirectorYou Zhou
 Local Relations DirectorRachel King
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorJared Johson
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorShen Shen
 Public Relations DirectorHeather Houchen
 Resident Hall LiaisonMelvin Fatimehin
 State Relations DirectorKatherine Sapyta-Johannsen
 Safety DirectorTaylor Concannon
 Student Sustainability DirectorDavid Rose
 Technology DirectorKeith Wyss
2009-2010Chief of StaffDena Bunnel
 International Affairs DirectorAbdulrahman Althukari
 Local Relations DirectorKyle Merklein
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorBrian Koester
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorAriel Anib
 Public Relations DirectorJared Betts
 Resident Hall LiaisonJoe Klug
 State Relations DirectorJessica Bradford
 Student Affairs DirectorAshley Joerger
 Student Sustainability DirectorZack Pistora
 Technology DirectorMatt Ebert
2008-2009Chief of StaffMary Fox
 City Relations DirectorBrandon Steinert
 International Affairs DirectorAddison Kirkland
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorJohnathan McLelland
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorTonshia Luster
 Public Relations DirectorLauren Bauman
 Residence Hall LiaisonKayla Horsky
 State Governmental Relations DirectorKatie Beye
 Student Affairs DirectorMelanie Peele
 Sustainability DirectorMichael Bell
 Technology DirectorTim Weninger
2007-2008Chief of StaffAnthony Carter
 City Relations DirectorDalton Henry
 Governmental Relations DirectorWayne Stoskopf
 International Affairs DirectorNaif Al-Hawwas
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorPhilip Hurst / Jonathan McLelland
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorTonshia Luster
 Public Relations DirectorCourtney Hauser
 Resident Hall LiaisonMegan Pinegar
 Student Affairs Co-DirectorJamie Ball
 Student Affairs Co-DirectorMelanie Peele
 Technology CoordinatorKyle Damas
2006-2007Chief of StaffAmanda Hoffman
 Academic Quality CoordinatorWilliam Lopez
 College Council CoordinatorDaniel Atkisson
 Executive Team Program DirectorJason Topp
 Governmental Relations DirectorTanner Banion
 Graduate Student LiaisonKevin Keatley
 International Affairs DirectorKatelyn Schmidt
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorJacob Mitchum / Eric Scott
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorAdi Angel
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorAndrew Burch
 Public Relations DirectorJulia Debes
 Resident Hall LiaisonAna Miller
 Techonology CoordinatorStephen Floyd
2005-2006Chief of StaffBen Davis
 Academic Quality CoordinatorJason Topp
 College Council CoordinatorKelsey Frasier
 Executive Team Program DirectorApril Clydesdale
 Governmental Relations DirectorKevin Phillips
 International Affairs DirectorSham Kashyap
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorPatrick Rinearson
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorDominick James
 Public Relations DirectorMelissa Hildebrand
 Residence Hall LiaisonLeshia Hansen / Ana Miller
 Technology CoordinatorRoyce Haynes
2004-2005Chief of StaffBryce Huschka
 Academic Quality CoordinatorBarbara Oberle
 Adult Student Services CoordinatorChristopher Bluiett
 College Council CoordinatorJayme Sauber
 Environmental Concerns CoordinatorBrian King
 Governmental Relations DirectorMatthew Wagner
 Graduate Student LiasonTony Mong
 International Affairs DirectorAroon Mandharan
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorBrian Youngers
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorAnthony Garcia
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorBlake Bryant
 Public Relations DirectorHännah Mueldener
 Residence Hall LiaisonZachary Mohr / Chelsie Burden
 Student Life CoordinatorErin Powell
 Study Abroad DirectorTravis DiGirolamo
 Technology CoordinatorKyle Donaldson
 University Honors Program LiaisonMaggie Trambly
2003-2004Chief of StaffJennifer Bakumenko
 Academic Quality CoordinatorKim Freed
 Adult Student Services CoordinatorDaniellee Preston
 College Council CoordinatorKim Bartak
 Environmental Concerns CoordinatorMatt Steele
 Governmental Relations DirectorTyson Moore
 International Affairs DirectorAltaf Karim
 Manhattan-Salina Relations DirectorDouglas Zerr
 Media DirectorChristopher Olsen
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorStephanie Taylor
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorJason Crabtree
 Public Relations DirectorOlamide Bashorun / Jeffrey Pitts
 Residence Hall LiasonTrent Smith
 Student Life CoordinatorDerek Hooker
 Study Abroad DirectorKenneth Norton
 Technology CoordinatorChris Althoff / Erik Ankrom
2002-2003Chief of StaffEmily King
 Academic Quality CoordinatorAaron Sloup
 Adult Student Services CoordinatorKim Bosco
 College Council CoordinatorJessica Shamet
 Environmental Concerns CoordinatorMatt Steele
 Governmental Relations DirectorDavid McCandless
 International Affairs DirectorJosh Sturgis
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorNaureen Kazi
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorGreg Prieb
 On-Campus Housing CoordinatorErin Slattery
 Public Relations DirectorSummer Alford
 Student Life CoordinatorMegan Menagh
 Technology CoordinatorRobert Sumners
2001-2002Chief of StaffSarah Nixon
 Academic Quality CoordinatorRebeka Weber
 Adult Student Services CoordinatorBrandon Kidwell
 City Government DirectorJohn Robinson
 College Council CoordinatorShane Luedke
 Environmental Concerns CoordinatorMary Hoke
 Governmental Relations DirectorRyan Evans
 International Affairs DirectorShayla Dyck
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorJon Nelson / Essence Haliburton
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorWill Tate / Josh Scott
 On-Campus Housing CoordinatorNasrina Burnett
 Orientation CoordinatorErica Smith
 Public Relations DirectorTodd Kohman
 Student Life CoordinatorBen Hemmen
 Technology CoordinatorAndrew Bell
2000-2001Chief of StaffDustin Petrik
 Academic Quality CoordinatorJon Kurche
 Campus Development CoordinatorJodi Mason
 College Council CoordinatorLisa Morris
 Community Development CoordinatorDanny Callahan
 Governmental Relations DirectorSpencer Stelljes
 International Affairs DirectorPatricia Fontes
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorLynn Trevino
 On-Campus Housing CoordinatorMolly Caton
 Public Relations DirectorBecky Zenger
 Student Life CoordinatorHeath Schroeder
 Technology CoordinatorChad Johnson
1999-2000Chief of StaffEmily Emerson
 Academic Affairs DirectorBrooke Thompson
 Adult Student Services CoordinatorThomas Hardie
 Campus Development DirectorMelissa Vopat
 College Council CoordinatorElijah Keever
 Environmental Awareness and Community Service DirectorJodi Mason
 Executive Assistant to the PresidentPhil Stein
 Governmental Relations DirectorTravis Morgan / Brenden Wirth
 Multicultural and International Affairs DirectorBrinda Govindarajan
 Off-Campus Housing and Transportation DirectorJacob Musick
 On-Campus Housing CoordinatorNick Lander
 Public Relations DirectorRobben Roesler
 Technology CoordinatorJonas Heinrich
1998-1999Chief of StaffJason Lacey
 College Council CoordinatorBob Zender
 Environmental Awareness DirectorStacy Meredith
 Executive Lobby TeamBrandon Konda, Mellissa Vopat, Jenny Hutchins, and Jimi Pauls
 Governmental Affairs DirectorBrad Montgomery / Elizabeth Gregory
 Intercollegiate Athletic LiaisonSusan Steele
 International Affairs DirectorSanthi Gandu
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorLeo Prieto
 Off-Campus Housing CoordinatorLaura Buller
 Parking and Campus Safety DirectorChris Bainter
 Public Relations DirectorJames Theres
 Residence Hall CoordinatorJoseph Ashley
 Special Assistant for Safe-RideCarrie Bellerive
 Special Assistant to the PresidentTara Jo Mann
 Special Coordinator for AdvisingCara Redhair
 Special Coordinator for Book SwapWesley Blue
1997-1998Chief of StaffElizabeth Neufeld
 Assistant Governmental AffairsLisa Van Meter
 College Council CoordinatorJake Worcester
 Environmental Awareness DirectorStacy Meredith
 Governmental Affairs DirectorMaggie Keating
 Intercollegiate Athletic LiaisonChris Wittwer
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorCarlos Contreras
 Public Relations DirectorShanda Strain
 Residence Hall CoordinatorJoseph Ashley
1996-1997Chief of StaffAmy Donahy
 Assistant Chief of StaffJeff Sweat
 Associate College Council CoordinatorJonathan Massie
 Associate Public Relations DirectorKelly Flynn
 Athletic LiaisonToby Crouse
 Athletic Ticket Sales Committee ChairMarcia Hellwig
 College Council CoordinatorJon Beall
 Environmental Awareness DirectorRobet Wilson / Jacob Salome
 Governmental Relations DirectorShannon Alford
 Greek Life CoordinatorRenee Fisher
 International Affairs DirectorNausheen Kazi
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorThuy Dang
 Off Campus CoordinatorThomas J. Schreiner
 Public Relations DirectorJoAnna Rothwell
 Residence HallsJason Butell
 Social Services DirectorJanelle Moore
 Special Projects Parking & Campus SafetyJason Oblander
 Special Projects Reforming Student GovernmentMarcia Hellwig
 Special Projects Teacher EvaluationsWendy Strevey
 Special Projects Union EnhancementRyan Kerschen
 Teacher Evaluation CoordinatorRhett Trujillo
1995-1996Chief of StaffJenni Cheatham
 Associate College Council CoordinatorPaul Colwell / Jennifer Hoit
 Athletic LiaisonDan Lewerenz
 College Council CoordinatorAaron Truax
 Housing/Off-Campus DirectorMarcia Hellwig
 International Affairs DirectorNabeeha Kazi
 Living Organization CoordinatorKayla Dick
 Multicultural Affairs DirectorWill Williamson
 Public Relations DirectorAndrew Tomb
 Special Projects (Access of Future)Mike Zamrzla
 Special Projects (Parking and Campus Safety)Phil Mudd
 Special Projects (Safe Ride)Angie Jensen
 Special Projects (Union Enhancement)Susie Viterese
 State and Community Affairs DirectorDave Omli
1994-1995Chief of StaffMike Zamrzla
 Athletic LiaisonBen Warta
 College Council CoordinatorMike McRee
 Environmental Awareness LiaisonGina Garvin
 Fine Arts LiaisonJim Counts
 Housing/Off Campus DirectorHeather Braden
 International Affairs DirectorInder Mohan Sodhi
 Living Organization CoordinatorB .D. Horton
 Multicultural DirectorErroll Bruce Williamson Jr (Will)
 Public Relations DirectorNabeeha Kazi
 Special ProjectsMary Roush
 Special Projects/LibraryMichelle Smith
 Special Projects/ParkingGrant Griffiths
 State/Community Affairs DirectorEric Jordan
 Union Enhancement CoordinatorEric McPeak
1993-1994Lobby TeamBrent Brown, Khris House, Tim Stevens, Greg Hill, and Nicole Owens
1992Chief of StaffJames Persinger
 Assistant Campus Safety DirectorRob Dieringer
 Athletic LiaisonJames McDiffett
 Campus Safety DirectorEd Leboeuf
 College Council CoordinatorTodd Johnson
 Community Affairs DirectorRoy Cessna
 Environmental Awareness LiaisonThurman Williams
 Excecutive AssistantMary Ann Thomas
 Fine Arts LiaisonTim Aunilter
 International Affairs DirectorCohn Jose Antonio Fernandes
 Living Organization CoordinatorKaren Erickson
 Lobby TeamKenton Epard, Rance Ames, Bill Landsdowne, Mike Farmer, and Jeff Bottenberg
 Multi-Cultural Affairs DirectorBrennan Kailani Kaneshiro
 Non-Traditional Affairs DirectorKim Caves
 Public Relations DirectorDedra Martin
 SGA TreasurerMark Wyss
 Special Projects DirectorShane Isaacson, Shawn Bruce James Buster, Bob Fleener, and Kitchel Stephenson
 State & Community Affairs DirectorTim Oswalt
1992-1993International Affairs DirectorSharmeen Irani
 Non-Traditional Affairs DirectorJim Teel
1991Chief of StafDarin Batchman
 Alumni Affairs DirectorFred Wingert
 Assistant Canpus Safety DirectorEd Leboeuf
 Canpus Safety DirectorRob Dieringer
 College Coucil CoordinatorTrisha Perrigo
 Executive AdministratorKristin Good, and Elizabeth Schwindt
 Executive AdvisorGregg Doud
 International Affairs DirectorSrinivasan Sundhararajan
 Lobby Team MemberTim Beymer, Elizabeth Hashman, Tim Oswalt, James Persinger, Traci Whitten, and Craig Alstatt
 Manhattan Coninunity Affairs DirectorCraig Raborn
 Minority Affairs DirectorWendell Edwards
 Non-Traditional Affairs DirectorNeil Payne
 Off Campus DirectorJonathan Morris
 Public Relations DirectorDennis O’Keefe
 SGA TreasurerDoug Claussen
 Special Projects AssistantJohn Buchanan, Natalie Lowery, Kelli Taylor, and Dave McConnell
 Special Projects DirectorShannon Malone
 State & Community Affairs DirectorKevin Graham
1990Chief of StaffFred Wingert / Michael Steinle
 College Councils CoordinatorDoug Holle
 Executive AdministratorDebi Befort
 Executive AssistantSue Meyers
 International Affairs DirectorAzfar Moazzam
 Lobby TeamTracy Acree, Johnny Gaffney, Becky Heble, Kim Jones, and Angie Martin
 Minority Affairs DirectorStephen Moore
 Non-Traditional Affairs DirectorDorothy Roberts
 Public Relations DirectorCharlene Nichols
 Public Relations DirectorKim Fankhauser
 Special Projects DirectorCameron Epard, Carolyn Farris, Ken Schefter, and Nathan Right
 State & Community Affairs DirectorMike Steinle
 Union Governing Board ChairMike Colip
1989Chief of StaffIra Bolden
 College Council CoordinatorConnie Coltrane
 Executive AdministratorJeri Susterka
 Executive AdvisorMary Jo Lampe
 Executive AssistantsHaitham Hani Arafat & Sha Urbauer
 International Affairs DirectorFaisal Sheikh Razzaq / Motaz Alhouran
 Minority Affairs DirectorCarl Charles / Maribel Landau
 Public Relations DirectorBarbara Bake
 Special Projects DirectorMaria del Pilar Soler
 State and Community Affairs DirectorTroy Lubbers
1988Chief of StaffBecky Griebat
 College Council CoordinatorTom Hemmer
 Executive AdvisorCharles Kneaves
 Executive AssistantEven Statman
 Executive AssistantBret Kolman
 International Affairs DirectorGonzalo Gallegos
 Minority Affairs DirectorLaurian Cuffy
 Public Relations DirectorJill Conger
 Special Projects DirectorDoug Burton
 State & Community Affairs DirectorDoug Oetinger
1987Chief of StaffJanelle Larson
 A.S.K. Board MemberTroy Lubbers
 College Council CoordinatorJack Taylor
 Executive AdvisorsSteven Johnson
 Executive AdvisorsHoward Woodbury
 Executive AssistantsJason Miles
 Executive AssistantsJeff Clark
 International Affairs DirectorSudeep Dharan
 Minority Affairs DirectorLuis Montaner
 Public Relations DirectorAnne Brandsberg
 Special Projects DirectorTroy Millsap
 State & Community Affairs DirectorNancy Hill
1986-1987Chief of StaffMike Kadel
 Administrative AssistantSusan Sommers
 Associated Students of Kansas Board MemberDoug Chamblin
 College Council CoordinatorAndy Martin
 Director of International AffairsSeiichi Yoshino
 Director of Minority AffairsGary Sepulveda
 Executive AdvisorMark Jones
 Executive AssistantColin Hickey
 Pro-Active Director of Special ProjectsJohn Seitzer
 Public Relations DirectorGary Stark
 Re-Active Director of Special ProjectsPat Muir
 Union Governing Board PresidentAthena Wong
1985-1986Administrative AssistantShelly Wakeman
 Assistant Attorney GeneralCarrie Rosencrans
 Assistant International Affairs DirectorManthri Srinath
 Associated Students of Kansas Board MemberDoug Chamblin
 College Council CoordinatorMike Lassman
 International Affairs DirectorHisham Hawari
 Public Relations DirectorMike Robbins
 Union Governing Board PresidentAthena Wong
1984-1985A.S.K. Board MemberDana Hawkins
 Administrative AssistantKim Moors
 College Council CoordinatorJim Sterns
 International Affairs DirectorKayed Khalil
 Minority Affairs DirectorGlenn Taylor
 Public Relations DirectorCorrine Nelson
1983-1984A.S.K. Board MemberKipp Exline
 College Council CoordinatorJohn Crowl
 International Affairs DirectorKevin Swiercinsky
 Minority Affairs DirectorEddie Rodrigues
 Public Relations DirectorJulie Martin
 Special Projects DirectorKen Mercer
1982-1983A.S.K. Campus DirectorC. John Kohler
 Administrative AssistantBill Kassebaum
 Administrative Assistant & Associate Attorney GeneralHarry Justvig
 College Council CoordinatorDave Lile
 International Affairs DirectorCurt Musil
 Legislative Affairs DirectorJohn Kohler
 Minority Affairs DirectorVincent Bly
 Public Relations DirectorMark Cunningham
 Social Services DirectorDavid Verschelden
 Special Projects DirectorLarry DeBarthe
1981-1982A.S.K Board of Directors MemberJerry Karlin*
 Administrative AssistantsJulie Fletcher
 Administrative AssistantsTim Matlack
 Administrative AssistantsBecky Lundquist
 College Council CoordinatorGene Russell
 Graphics DirectorDan Chase
 International Affairs DirectorPhil Rendon
 Minority Affairs DirectorLes Dixon
 Public Relations DirectorTim Murry
 SGA Newsletter EditorBrenda Bauer
 SGA PhotographerStacey Blaker
 Social Services DirectorJan Pelletier Gerdom / Marjorie Mermis Horton
 Special AssistantKurt Wilbur
 Special Assistant for Mass Transit ProjectsKen Laudan
 State and Legislative Affairs DirectorMark Skinner
 Student Legislative Network Campus DirectorJennifer Sisney
 U.S.S.A Campus DirectorMike Anderson
 Union Governing Board PresidentRich McKittrick
1980-1981A.S.K. Campus DirectorSteve Linenberger
 Adminsitrative AssistantSteve Hentges
 Adminsitrative AssistantSue Barsamian
 Adminsitrative AssistantSusan Fletcher
 College Council CoordinatorMark Mugler
 Community Relations DirectorCliff Gilbert
 Grievance CounselorKen Laudan & Lori Bergen
 International Affairs DirectorTerry Schroff / Mike Scully
 Minority Affairs DirectorBilly Williams
 Office ManagerSuz Brink
 Office ManagerLaurin McCrary
 Public Relations DirectorDave Hogeboom
 Social Services DirectorJim Bartlett / Jan Pelletier
 Social Services Director (Summer)Liz Gowdy
 Special AssistantLinda Kassebaum
 Special Assistant for Library ConcernsJim Edmonds
 Special Projects DirectorLinda Palaceios
 State & Legislative Affairs DirectorMark Skinner
 Union Governing Board PresidentRich McKittrick
1979-1980Administrative AssistantDeb Nicklaus
 Administrative AssistantTim Heffel
 Administrative AssistantShelia Louck
 College Council CoordinatorMark Hoffman
 Community Relations DirectorBrad Burnett
 International Affairs DirectorJohn Kober
 Minority Affairs DirectorMike Henderson
 Public Relations DirectorMary Kaye Faubion
 Special AssistantBrian Rassette
 Special Assistant for Library ConcernsJim Griffin
 State & Legislative Affairs DirectorRandy Tosh
 Student Grievance CouncelorEd Schiappa
1978-1979A.S.K. Board MemberDonald Fortin
 A.S.K. Campus DirectorMark Werner
 Administrative AssistantLisa Baumgarten
 Administrative AssistantRex Matlack
 College Council CoordinatorDoug Cook
 Community Relations DirectorKevin Burnett
 International Affairs DirectorMartha Winkler / Fred Sorrells
 Minority Affairs DirectorAnita Cobbins
 Off-Campus & Married Students DirectorKirk Johnson
 Operations ManagerElaine Hefty
 Public Relations DirectorTheresa Montgomery
 Social Services DirectorPaul Hart
 Special AssistantRon Wilson
 Special Project DirectorAllen Roberts
 State & Legislative Affairs DirectorRandy Tosh
 Student AffairsBill Manning
 University Activities BoardArt Chartrand
 Women's Affairs DirectorDiana Greenough
1977-1978Administrative AssistantFred Works
 Budget DirectorRich Macha
 College Council CoordinatorPatty Field
 International Affairs DirectorBill Storey / Martha Winkler
 Minority Affairs Co-DirectorsEzell Blanchard & Liz Esteban
 Off-Campus & Married Students Affairs DirectorLloyd Landkamer
 Public Relations DirectorDiddy Bell
 Senate OperationsGreg Tucker
 State & Community AffairsSeavey Anthony / Anne Shearer
 Student AffairsJane Knoche
 Student Grievance CounselorTed Knopp
 Veterans Affairs DirectorPaul Wilson
 Womens Affairs DirectorHelen Burtis
1975-1976Administrative AssistantMaggie Vargas
 Administrative AssistantBill Nichols
 Administrative AssistantMike Waters
 Administrative AssistantGay Linvill
 Campus Director of ASKDick Works
 Chancellor of TribunalJohn Campbell
 Co-Directors of Minority AffairsSam Mathis / Gary Alguien
 College Council CoordinatorEd Schiappa / Emilie Smith
 Environment & Energy DirectorKent Foerster
 International Affairs DirectorRobet E. Hall
 KSU Rep. on the ASK Board of DirectorsMark Edelman
 Public Relations DirectorSusie Edgerley
 Social Services DirectorSue Sandmeyer
1974-1975Administrative AssistantBilly McDaniels
 Board of Directors of ASKMark Edelman / Rick Rohles
 Campus Director of ASKDick Works
 College Council CoordinatorDayle Heasty
 Editor of Student HandbookJean Trevarton
 International Affairs DirectorMarc Hoover
 Public Relations DirectorDennis Devenney
 University Activities BoardRaney Gilliland
1973-1974Board of Directors of ASKJay Armstrong
 Minority Affairs Director (American Indian Student Body)Theresa Brewer
 Minority Affairs Director (Black Student Union)Jean Wright
 Minority Affairs Director (Chicanos (MECHA))Steve Guillen
1972-1973Academic AffairsRon Madd
 Environmental Protection DirectorBobb Swanson
 Housing DirectorJack Thomas
 Housing DirectorPenny Mar
 International Affairs DirectorJohn Solbach
1971-1972Academic Affairs DirectorJohn Holstrom
 Campus Affairs DirectorPat Kennedy / Duane Heier
 Chancellor of TribunalEarl Tjaden
 College Council CoordinatorJim Schraeder
 Consumer Relations DirectorBob Flashman
 Cultural Affairs DirectorArtie Robins
 Housing DirectorDoug Lindahl / Linda Trublood
 Human Relations DirectorDon Jenkins
 Human Relations DirectorEric Rucker*
 International Affairs DirectorKeith Stutterheim
 Public Relations DirectorDan Cofran
 Student Housing InspectorsKenneth Zimmerman
 Student Housing InspectorsDavid Walter
 Student Housing Inspectors (alternate)Arthur Elliott
 Student Organizations DirectorBerry Shams
1970-1971Academic AffairsFrank W. Cleveland (Klorox)
 Campus Affairs DirectorVictoria Miller
 College Council CoordinatorMike Lynch
 HousingLinda Trueblood
 Human RelationsMark Fenton
 International RelationsKetih Sutterheim
 Public RelationsRudy Papenfuhs
 Special ActivitiesGreg Fontenot