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Safe Zone

Be a part of Safe Zone. Become an ally!


Are you interested in becoming a more inclusive and supportive K-State Family member? Consider becoming a Safe Zone ally!

The schedule for the new Introductory Training to become a Safe Zone ally is now available.


The trainings are set from noon to 1:30 pm, is free and open to all including people not affiliated with K-State, community members, family members, etc. We aim to make not only K-State a safe place but the whole Manhattan area. Feel free to bring your lunch if you like!

Current Safe Zone allies are also requested to attend one of the upcoming Introductory training since we have a new Safe Zone symbol, new team members, presentations and updated referral resources that would help you.

Additionally, K-State departments/offices that wish to have small group training (10-20 people) can contact us and we will try to accommodate your request if time permits.

Advanced trainings which focus on specific topics are also available. We’ll have more information about specific topics soon. We would like to hear topic suggestions or any ideas that you wish to present for advanced training.

You can also subscribe to the Safe Zone listserv to stay up to date on basic ally training and advanced training dates. We aim to be active via our listserv by sending the newsletter, updates on events, surveys, etc.

Questions? Do you have suggestions that can help us with our mission? Any comments are welcome!

Email us at safezone@ksu.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safezone.kstate/



Kodee Walls, Ph.D.



Sugeetha Balasubramaniam,

Graduate Assistant