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Safe Zone

Spring 2016 Staff

Anna Waugh
Graduate Student Program Coordinator

Safe Zone
206 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive North 
Manhattan, KS 66506


Want to become more involved? Visit us at OrgSync!

SafeZone Allies Around Campus

Our goal is to make SafeZones visible across campus so anyone can find a SafeZone ally when needed. If you know the name of the building, you can click on it in the list below and find the names/locations of the Allies in that building. We know that on a large campus it is hard to remember the names of all the buildings, so to help you locate a building click here to see the campus map, find the name of the building you need, and then return here to find the allies in that building. 

Ackert Hall
Ahearn Field House
Alumni Center
Anderson Hall
Beach Art Museum 
Bill Synder Family Stadium
Bluemont Hall
Boyd Hall 
Bramlage Coliseum
Bramlage Indoor Complex 
Burt Hall
Bushnell Annex 
Bushnell Hall
Call Hall
Calvin Hall
Campus Creek Complex
Cardwell Hall
Chalmers Hall
Chemistry & Biochemistry Building
Chester E Peters Recreation Complex 
Coles Hall
College Court Building
Danforth and All Faiths Chapels
Davenport Building 
Derby Food Center
Dickens Hall
Dole Hall
Durland Hall
Dykstra Hall
East Stadium
Edwards Hall
Eisenhower Hall
English/Counseling Services
Extension Forestry 
Facilities Ground 
Facilities Shops 
Facilities Storage Building
Fairchild Hall
Feed Technology 
Fiedler Hall
Ford Hall
Frank Mayer's Field 
Frith Community Center 
Gen. Richard B. Myers Hall
Goodnow Hall 
Green House Conservatory
Hale Library
Handball Building 

Heiflin Stone House 
Holton Hall

Holtz Hall
Indoor Football Facility 
Information Booth 
International Student Center
Jardine Apartments
Justin Hall
K-State Research Park
K-State Student Union
KSU Foundation Center
KSU Gardens Maintenance
Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit 
Kedzie Hall
King Hall
Kramer Food Center 
Lafene Health Center at Mercy Health Center
Leadership Building
Leasure Hall
Margaret Ahlborn/ULA Cottage 
Marlatt Hall 
McCain Auditorium
Moore Hall
Mosier Hall
Nichols Hall
Pittman Building
Power Plant 
President's Residence
Putnam Hall
Rathbone Hall
Seaton Court 
Seaton Hall
Shellenberger Hall
Straube House, UFM Community Learning Center
Thompson Hall
Throckmorton Hall
Trotter Hall
Umberger Hall
Van Zile Hall 
Ward Hall
Waters Hall
Weber Hall
West Hall
West Stadium
Willard Hall



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