Spring 2015 Staff


Anna Waugh, Undergraduate Intern;


Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (C.A.R.E)
206 Holton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506



Become an Ally

Do You Want To Become A SafeZone Ally?

To become an Ally, you will need to:

  • Attend one Introduction to SafeZone Session
  • Stay current by attending at least one SafeZone ConEd Training session each semester
  • Attend Ally Networking Sessions when offered
  • When possible, volunteer some time each year at the Women's Center/SafeZone offices
  • Have a topic area that you want to share with other allies? volunteer to be a trainer! Contact

Upcoming SafeZone Introductory Training: "Becoming an Ally" will be announced in January 2015

When you register for the "Becoming an Ally" workshop, your learning will begin immediately! You will be given a link to view a short presentation to introduce you to the primary offices that collaborate to create this SafeZone Program: The Counseling Services, The Office of Student Life, The Women's Center, The LGBTQ Resource Center, and the Office of Affirmative Action. This will help you be aware of some of the essential resources on our campus to help K-State and all its members be a safer and more equitable community.By reviewing this material prior to the workshop, you will be preparing yourself for an exciting journey to become an ally!

When you then attend the 2-hour introductory training session, you will obtain more specifics about being an ally and have opportunities to learn some basic skills for being an effective helper. The interactive presentation is an exciting way to connect with similar-minded community members while strengthening your skills and learning new approaches to being a helper on campus. And it will outline for you the benefits of the various other trainings that will be made available to you.  When you complete the workshop, you will receive your own SafeZone Ally emblem to display proudly. Welcome to our network of Allies!!!