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Kodee Walls



Kodee Walls is a Staff Psychologist at Kansas State University's Counseling Services.  She assumed the role of Safe Zone coordinator in Spring 2017 and has been enjoying her time in the coordinator role ever since.  She earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, from Ball State University with an emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism.  During her time there, she was one of the graduate coordinators for Ball State's SafeZone program which focused on creating allies specifically for the LGBTQ-community on campus. 

Since coming to K-State, she has widened her vision to include the spectrum of the minority, oppressed, and marginalized identities which could benefit from visible allies on a college campus.  Her passion is educating and exploring the intersectionality of diverse identities as well as finding new ways to engage people on their journey of becoming an ally.

Sugeetha Balasubramaniam

Graduate Assistant