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University Handbook - Foreword

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a broad description of Kansas State University, its nature, and the role of the K-State faculty, unclassified professionals, and administration in relation to the university community's many activities. Unless otherwise specifically noted, the contents of this handbook will be considered standard policy by the faculty and unclassified professionals and administration. Procedures and regulations, along with privileges and responsibilities, are presented for ready reference. The latest version of this document, including revisions, can be accessed at the following web site address http://www.k-state.edu/provost/universityhb. The policies stated in this handbook are reviewed and revised as needed by the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Senate. Changes are incorporated in the handbook on a continuing basis and become effective when approved by the faculty senate and the provost. The Office of the Provost maintains the official, most current version of this handbook.

This handbook supersedes any earlier versions. Corrections or suggested clarifications are welcome and should be submitted to the Office of the Provost or to the faculty senate. The contents of this handbook are reviewed annually by the Office of the Provost, appropriate committees of the faculty senate and updated as needed by the University Handbook and Policy Committee. Annual updates are included. The policy development flowchart, also included, outlines the policy transmittal process. Questions about the process should be directed to the president of faculty senate or to the chair of the University Handbook and Policy Committee. Printed copies of the University Handbook are maintained in the library.  The online version of the University Handbook may be accessed at: http://www.k-state.edu/provost/universityhb/.

These policies apply to faculty and unclassified professionals. The definition of terms used to define faculty and unclassified professionals are as follows:

  • Faculty includes all individuals with the academic ranks of Assistant Instructor through Full Professor.
  • Unclassified professionals includes all individuals who do not hold academic rank and do not have a civil service classification. Some Research Assistants are unclassified. All Research Associates, Extension Assistants, and Extension Associates are unclassified professionals. Unclassified professionals serve in student service departments or in other support units of the university. Directors, assistants, coordinators, and specialists are examples of this type of support personnel.

All university policies and procedures are subject to the concurrence of the president and Kansas Board of Regents. While ultimate responsibility for the operation, plans, and policies resides with the president, certain powers to formulate policy have been delegated to the following:

  • Provost (President's Office Directives, POD)
  • Deans Council (Deans Council Minutes, DCM)
  • Faculty Senate (Faculty Senate Minutes, FSM)

The following referencing code is used in this Handbook:

Administrative Council Minutes, ACM; Kansas Board of Regents Policies, BOR; Business Procedures Manual, BPM; Council of Academic Deans' Minutes, CADM1; Deans Council Minutes, DCM; Faculty Senate Minutes, FSH; General Faculty Minutes, GFM; General Statutes of Kansas, GSK; Graduate Council Minutes, GCM; Graduate Faculty Minutes, GRFM; Human Resource Circulars, HRC; Kansas Statutes Annotated, KSA; Personnel Services Circulars, PSC; Policy & Procedure Manual, PPM; President's Office letters, memorandums, or directives, POD; Student Council Minutes, SCM; Student Handbook, SH

1CADM changed to DCM 9/80.

2013-2014 edition approved for:
Julia A. Keen, President
Kirk Schulz, President
February 26, 2014