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Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

Directory of University Department Heads and Administrators

Maintained by the Office of the Provost, this directory is a contact list for university department heads, administrators, and their assistants. To update this list please email provostpersonnel@ksu.edu

University directories including department and other unit names, addresses, departmental emails, phone and fax numbers, as well as links to departmental/unit websites are maintained by the Division of Communications and Marketing. Please see the directories website for colleges and academic units, centers and institutes, housing units, and other organization directories.

The Office of the Provost also maintains a department head directory by college with associated address labels. This directory includes the department head's name and email, as well as the departmental phone number, address, and links to the departmental website.

University Administration 

Division of Financial Services

Communications and Marketing

Student Life Administration


Architecture, Planning and Design

Arts & Sciences

Business Administration



Human Ecology

K-State Salina/Technology & Aviation

Veterinary Medicine

K-State Global Campus

K-State Libraries

K-State Olathe


Graduate School




University Administration

6221PresidentRichard B. Myers, Interim / Dana Hastings7639
6221Chief of Staff and Director of Community RelationsJackie Hartman / Diana McElwain7639
6227Assistant to the President, Director of Governmental RelationsSue Peterson / Kristin Holt7639
6227Assistant to the President/NBAFRon Trewyn / Susan Thomas7639
6224Provost and Senior Vice PresidentApril Mason / Craig Bourne6507
6224Senior Vice Provost for Academic AffairsRuth Dyer / Michelle Langvardt6507
6520Vice Provost for Information Technology ServicesRob Caffey, Interim / Kelly Moon0822
1097Vice Provost for Undergraduate StudiesSteve Dandaneau / Alexandra Boyd0671
6276Associate Provost for Diversity Zelia Wiley, Interim / Romaine Schell6108
4797Associate Provost for Institutional EffectivenessBrian Niehoff / Gail Zeak2120
5498Associate Provost for International ProgramsMarcelo Sabates / Barbara Lippman6550
5498Assistant Provost, International ProgramsGrant Chapman / Barbara Lippman6550
6277Vice President for Human Capital ServicesCheryl Johnson /Kris Mauck6095
6226Vice President for Administration & FinanceCindy Bontrager / Tara Pfaff6693
1373Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Facility MgmtRyan Swanson / Kerry McDonald5749
6277Labor Relations, DirectorGary Leitnaker 6095
6210Assistant Vice President of Financial ServicesFran Willbrant / Ann Marie Treinen6612
7828Teaching and Learning Center, DirectorJana Fallin / Paula Connors 
6868Center for Engagement & Community Development, DirectorDavid Procter / Chandra Ruthstrom6808
2642University Honors Program, DirectorJustin Kastner / Stephanie Woods
2595K-State Honor and Integrity System, DirectorSteve Starrett5944
2595K-State Honor and Integrity System, Associate DirectorCamilla Roberts 
6088Executive Director, K-State Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering (KAWSE)Chardie Baird / Tawny Ochs2627
6085The Staley School of Leadership Studies, DirectorMary Hale Tolar / Lori Lavezzi0671
6220Institutional Equity, Director and ADA CoordinatorTravis Gill6095
6277Benefits DirectorAmanda McDiffett 6095
0185Learning & Development, DirectorShanna Legleiter 6095
3422University Honors Program, Associate Director 
Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, Associate Director
Jim Hohenbary / Stephanie Woods6507
6277Talent Acquisition, DirectorRoberta Maldonado-Franzen6095
6767Assistant Vice President for Budget PlanningEthan Erickson / Gina Gudenkauf6748
6910Athletic Director / Intercollegiate AthleticsJohn Currie / Vicki Jones2340
6910Director of Licensing / Intercollegiate AthleticsTami Breymeyer2340
7000Networking and Telecommunication Services, DirectorDanny Fronce5914
5864Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Developing Scholars Program, DirectorAnita Cortez 
5730General CounselCheryl Strecker / Amy McLemore
and Nancy Kruse
5730Associate General CounselPeter Paukstelis / Amy McLemore
and Nancy Kruse
5730Assistant General CounselLindsay Chapman / Amy McLemore
and Nancy Kruse
5730Assistant General CounselMaureen RedekerAmy McLemore
and Nancy Kruse
3426Coordinator, Office of Pre-Law AdvisingDaralyn Gordon Arata 
1448Resource Center & Operations, DirectorAlma Deutsch 6095
1868Employee Relations, DirectorCharlotte Self6095
6277Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness, DirectorDerek Smith6095

Division of Financial Services (formerly Controller's Office)

6210Assistant Vice President of Financial ServicesFran Willbrant / Ann Marie Treinen6612
6210Director of OperationsJim Bach6612
3350Cashiers and Student AccountsJim Badders6454
6202General AccountingMemory Buffington1305
7089Fund BalancingDave Winter1305
7356TravelMaggie Quigley1305
6207Sponsored Programs AccountingShannon Fisher3640
6214PurchasingCarla Bishop5577
1853Financial ReportingJulie Huff5577
6525Asset ManagementDeeAnna Fugate5577
7745SystemsBryan Kraus1305

Communications and Marketing

2535Vice President for Communications and MarketingJeff Morris / Hanna Manning7355
2535Assistant Vice President for Communications and MarketingSteve Logback7355


Administration 7355


Creative ServicesMichael Oetken7355


Marketing ServicesAshley Martin7355


News and Communications, DirectorCindy Hollingsworth7355
2535Photographic ServicesTom Theis7355
2535Video & Engineering ServicesRobert Nelson7355
2535Web ServicesNeil Erdwien7355

Student Life Administration

6237Vice President for Student Life and Dean of StudentsPat Bosco / Sonia Topliff6108
7305Senior Vice President for Student Life,
Director of Educational & Personal Development
Mike Lynch / Linda Henderson5499
7305Assistant Vice President for Student LifeCarla Jones / Linda Henderson5499
6237Associate Vice President for Student Life,
Director of New Student Services
Emily Lehning / Marlene McNerney6108
6420Associate Vice President for Student Life,
Director of Student Financial Assistance
Larry Moeder / Jackie Anders
6250Associate Vice President for Student Life,
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Larry Moeder / Amy Reves5632
6591Executive Director of the K-State Student UnionBill Smriga / Medina Roynon5656
6541Director, Office of Student Activities & ServicesBill Harlan, Interim / Vacant7292
6432Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Director, Office of Student Life
Heather Reed / Laurel Moody5307
6254University RegistrarMonty Nielson / Kathy Fronce5632
6980Director, Recreational ServicesSteve Martini / Haley Swartz4983
3700Director, Center for Child DevelopmentRosie Mitchell3703
5546Director, Greek AffairsBen Hopper / Justina Vanderlinde5341
7523Senior Director, Student Life/
Annual Giving, KSU Foundation
Mindy Weixelman / Lindsey Oakes7596
1691Executive Director, Career & Employment ServicesKerri Keller / Sharon Fritzson6802
6492Director, Academic Assistance CenterJudy Lynch / Debra Wilcox6457
6441Director, Student Access CenterAndrea Blair / Wanda Cockerill6457
5642Director, Educational Support ServicesKathy Greene / Teresa Adams6457
6453Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Director, Housing & Dining Services
Derek Jackson / Nancy Hillan1880
6544Director, Lafene Health CenterJim ParkerShecky Davis6627
6927Director, University Counseling ServicesDorinda Lambert / Brenda Gfeller3932
6434Coordinator, Non-Traditional and Veteran Student ServicesKatie To6457
0369Executive Director, Military and Veteran AffairsArt DeGroat6108
6491Business Manager, VP Student Life Business OfficeSonya Paph / Sue Yenzer6457
6444Coordinators, Center for Advocacy, Response, and EducationJenna Tripodi and Jessica Haymaker6457
6432Director, Non-Violence ProgramsScott Jones / Laurel Moody5307
6492Coordinator, PILOTS ProgramRebeca Paz 
2889Director, Powercat Financial CounselingJodi Kaus 
7494Coordinator, Academic and Career Information CenterJared Meitler6457
7295Director, Student Life Information ManagementJan Elsasser 

College of Agriculture

7137DeanJohn FlorosDorothy Doan6563
6148Associate Dean/Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment StationErnie Minton / Kim Rothwell6563
6151Associate Dean/Agricultural Academic Programs DirectorDon Boggs / Monica Cohen6897
5820Associate Dean/Associate Director, Cooperative ExtensionDaryl Buchholz / Susie Wilkinson6290
6151Assistant DeanShannon Washburn / Vacant
5736Assistant DeanSharon Thielen6897
5793Assistant DeanZelia Wiley / Vacant6897
1562Assistant Director, Extension Family and Consumer SciencesPaula Peters / Linda Lamb5504
5838Assistant Director, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesGregg Hadley / Joann Zarger5839
5800Assistant Director, 4-H Youth DevelopmentBarbara Stone / Keli Yungeberg5981
3519Assistant Director, Extension Field OperationsJim Lindquist / Dorothy Ireland3381
5627Director, International Agricultural ProgramsNina Lilja / Maria Sweet6563
7139Budget/Fiscal OfficerGeneva Jahnke6563
5804Communications and Agricultural EducationKris Boone / Kelly Gurik
6702Agricultural EconomicsAllen Featherstone / Judy Maberry6925
5580Biological & Agricultural EngineeringJoe Harner / Barb Moore5825
6101AgronomyGary PierzynskiBrittany Green6094
Dr. Odde: 1227
Wendy: 1259
Animal Sciences & IndustryKenneth Odde / Wendy Nichols2461 or
6154EntomologyJohn RubersonEvelyn Kennedy6232
6161Grain Sciences & IndustryGordon Smith / Roxana Ortiz7010
6170Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation ResourcesCandice Shoemaker / Sam Reyer6949
6176Plant PathologyErick DeWolf, Interim / Diana Pavlisko5692
Ext 12
SE Agricultural Research CenterLyle Lomas 
Ext 202
Western KS Agricultural Research CentersRobert Gillen 

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

5950DeanTim de Noble / Lisa Shubert1086
5950Associate DeanWendy Ornelas / Lisa Shubert1086
5047Associate DeanLynn Ewanow / Becky O'Donnell6722
5953ArchitectureMatthew KnoxKari Lindeen6722
5992Interior Architecture and Product DesignKathy Ankerson / Vacant6722
5961Landscape Architecture/
Regional and Community Planning
Stephanie Rolley / Jody Fronce6722
3806Budget/Fiscal OfficerSharon Hartwich6722
1090Communications & Events CoordinatorThomas Jackson6722

College of Arts & Sciences

Office: 6900 
Annette: 0342
DeanAmit Chakrabarti, Interim / Annette Maggio7004

Office: 6900
Debbie: 0343

Budget Fiscal OfficerDebbie White7004
Office: 6900
Karen: 0341
Associate DeanLouise Benjamin / Karen Solt7004
Office: 6900
Karen: 0341
Associate DeanBeth Montelone / Karen Solt7004
Office: 6900
Meagan: 0339
Assistant DeanAlison Wheatley / Vacant
6900Assistant Dean for Diversity, Recruitment and RetentionKimathi Choma, Interim7004
6600Aerospace StudiesMAJ Shawnn MartinMaryJo McHugh7114
5738American Ethnic StudiesYolanda Broyles-González, Director / Melisa Posey7004
6605ArtMatthew Gaynor / Susan Roberts0334
6121Biochemistry & Molecular BiophysicsPhillip KlebbaMelinda Bainter7278
6615Division of BiologyBrian Spooner, Director / Becki Bohnenblust6653
6705Johnson Cancer Research CenterRobin Denell / 
6665ChemistryEric Maatta / Kim Ross6666
7357EconomicsWilliam Blankenau / Crystal Strauss6919
6716EnglishKarin Westman / Peggy Post
6727GeographyChuck MartinAllison Hodges7310
6724GeologyPamela KemptonLori Page-Willyard5159
6730HistoryMichael Krysko, Chair / Shelly Reves7004
6890School of Journalism & Mass CommunicationsBirgit WassmuthMarlene Franke7309
6750MathematicsAndrew BennettReta McDermott0546
6754Military ScienceLTC Ryan Miedema / Jessica Sullivan6778
6760Modern LanguagesDerek Hillard / Charlotte Stephens7004
5740School of Music, Theatre and DanceKurt Gartner, Interim Director / Lori Baker5709
6758PhilosophyBruce Glymour, Interim / Teresa Zerbe3522
6786PhysicsBrett DePaola, Interim / Peggy Matthews6806
6842Political ScienceJeff Pickering  / Annette Sanford
6850Psychological SciencesMichael YoungJanice Schroll5401
6865Sociology, Anthropology & Social WorkLaszlo Kulcsar / Kathy Roeser
6875Communication StudiesTim Steffensmeier / Cassie Hall7004
6883StatisticsWeixing Song, Interim / Bonnie Messmer
5738Women's StudiesAngela Hubler, Interim Director / Kim Garver7004
5956 or 6163Biotechnology Core FacilityJohn Tomich


Office: 6900                                   Aleasha: 0356

Communications Director & Events Coordinator Tom Roesler / Aleasha McKinney


College of Business Administration

7227DeanKevin Gwinner / Melanie Horton7216
6820Associate Dean for Academic AdministrationStacy Kovar / Melanie Horton7216
4363Associate Dean for Academic ProgramsChwen Sheu, Interim / Lynn Waugh7216
6184AccountingBrett WilkinsonPam Warren5959
6892FinanceEric Higgins / Connie Schmidt7024
6296ManagementWilliam (Bill) Turnley, Interim / Molly Myers1339
6008MarketingEsther Swilley, Interim / Claudia Leeds3709
6820Budget OfficeSondra Visser / Dixie Warders7315

College of Education

5525DeanDebbie Mercer / Pam Monroe7304
5557Assistant to the DeanVirginia Mixer7304
5765Associate DeanLinda Thurston / Kathy Brown7304
5595Assistant DeanPaul Burden / Kathy Quigley7304
6361Assistant DeanDavid L. Griffin, Sr. / Phillip Madrigal7304
5541Special Education, Counseling and Student AffairsKenneth Hughey, Chair /Cassandra Llewelyn7304
5535Educational LeadershipDavid Thompson, Chair / Jody Ellis7304
5550Curriculum and InstructionTodd Goodson, Chair / Shelley Houser7304

College of Engineering

Office: 5590
Maureen: 5441
DeanDarren DawsonMaureen Lockhart7810
Office: 5590
Patsy: 5442
Budget/Fiscal OfficerPatsy Havenstein7810
Office: 5590
Pat: 6686
Senior Associate DeanGary Clark / Pat Nelson7810
Office: 5844Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs/Director of Engineering Experiment StationVacant / Chassy Nichols
5455Assistant DeanCraig WanklynCarol Hewitt7810
5592Assistant DeanAndy Fund  / Nancy Fisher7810
5592Assistant DeanBette Grauer / Nancy Fisher
5580Biological & Agricultural EngineeringJoe Harner / Barb Moore5825
5964Architectural Engineering & Construction ScienceRay Yunk / Diane Ukena
5584Chemical EngineeringJames Edgar / Danita Deters
5862Civil EngineeringBobb Stokes / Sue Wells7717
6350Computer ScienceScott DeLoach, Interim / Anna Stewart7353
5600Electrical & Computer EngineeringDon Gruenbacher / Jennifer McDonald1188
5606Industrial & Manufacturing Systems EngineeringBrad Kramer / Myra Peoples3738
5610Mechanical & Nuclear EngineeringBill Dunn / Sherry Donahey7057
5949Multicultural Engineering ProgramsLaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin / Thurman Williams7810
7044Advanced Manufacturing InstituteJeff Tucker / Vacant7031
6026Engineering ExtensionBruce Snead / Kristi Lehmkuhl6952
5620Institute for Environmental ResearchSteve Eckels / Beth Mack6642
2617National Gas Machinery LaboratoryBryon Jones / Cody Catlin3744
5862University Transportation CenterBobb Stokes / Sue Wells7717
4995Center for Sustainable EnergyMary Rezac / Keith Rutlin6952
6519Center for Hazardous Substance ResearchLarry Erickson / Sheree Walsh5985

College of Human Ecology

Office: 5500
Dee: 1553
DeanJohn Buckwalter / Dee Rush
5503Assistant to the Dean/Fiscal OfficerRita Newell5504
5500Associate Dean, Academic AffairsBronwyn Fees5504
5500Associate Dean, Research and ScholarshipMichelle Toews5504
5500Assistant Dean, Student SupportShawna Jordan3132
5500Sr. Assistant DeanKaren Pence5504
6993Apparel, Textiles & Interior DesignBarbara Anderson / Gina Jackson3796
5510Director, School of Family Studies & Human ServicesDorothy "Dottie" Bagwell DurbandConnie Fechter5505
5508Human NutritionMark HaubJanet Finney3132
5113FACS EducationSally Yahnke7304
5521Hospitality Management Melody LeHew, Interim / Mary Oborny5522
6765KinesiologyCraig HarmsAshley Cottrell6486
1562Extension FACSPaula Peters / Linda Lamb5504
5945Center on AgingGayle Doll / Pam Evans5504

K-State Olathe

K-State Olathe | (913) area code, (307) prefix | 22201 W. Innovation Drive, Olathe, KS 66061
7-7315Interim Dean and Chief Executive Officer Ralph Richardson1-1488
7-7310Executive Director of Administration & FinanceDean Vakas1-1488
7-7304Administrative Assistant to the CEOTerri Bogina1-1488
7-7342Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Executive EducationJanice Barrow1-1488
7-7316Administrative Assistant/Human ResourcesRoberta Robinson1-1488
7-7302Director of Fiscal AffairsLindy Eakin 1-1488
7-7309Manager, Site and Facilities Operations and MaintenanceAndrena Keesee1-1488
7-7317Manager, Food Programs and ServicesBryan Severns1-1488
 7-7359Manager, ITNate Scherman1-1488
7-7341Marketing Communications CoordinatorVacant1-1488
7-7310Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations-OlatheVacant1-1488
7-7321K-12 CoordinatorMartha Nowak1-1488
7-7307Administrative Events AssistantMartha Walker1-1488
7-7340Program Manager for Academic AffairsDana Reinert1-1488
7-7356Research AssistantAndrew Waters1-1488
7-7354Sensory Lab ManagerMarianne Swaney-Stueve1-1488 
7-7311Interim Director - Urban Water InstituteStacy Hutchinson1-1488
7-7388Director, KSVDL Microbial Surveillance LabBrian Lubbers1-1488
7-7319RecruiterSuzanne Lane1-1488
7-7374Lab/Facility Operations AssistantAndy Stout1-1488
7-7349Program AssistantEmily Surdez1-1488
7-7384Design Thinker in ResidenceAndi Witczak1-1488
7-7380OneHealth³Suzanne Parsel1-1488

K-State Salina

K-State Salina | (785) area code, (826) prefix | 2310 Centennial Rd. Salina, KS 67401
6-2601CEO and DeanVerna Fitzsimmons / Eric Cole6-2998
6-2616Associate Dean of Undergraduate StudiesAlysia Starkey / Erica Chapel6-2998
6-2972Associate Dean of Research and EngagementKurt Barnhart / Eric Cole6-2998
6-2643Associate Dean / Director of Student ServicesDixie Schierlman / Jackie Tolbert6-2948
6-2607RegistrarKathy Sanders / Erica Chapel6-2998
6-2639AdmissionsNate Holt6-2938
6-2659Student ID CenterMarva Morgan6-2938
6-2971Office of Student LifeAmy Sellers / Kari Zook6-2998
6-2642Communications and Alumni CoordinatorJulee Cobb / Jackie Tolbert6-2948
6-2638Student Financial AssistanceCindy Newell / Marva Morgan6-2948
6-2659Career AdvisingMarva Morgan 6-2948
6-2617Professional Education and OutreachDanielle Brown / Julie Wilson6-2632
6-7182Events CoordinatorKirsten Zoller / Julie Wilson6-2632
6-2614Director of Fiscal ServicesStephanie McDowell / Tammy Arnold6-2936
6-2947Salina FacilitiesBill Bochte / Rene Leiker6-2935
6-2664Information Systems / Media ServicesBill Chestnut / Linda German6-2916
6-2608Academic Advising Kelly CarricoErica Chapel6-2998
6-2923BookstoreKaren Riedel6-2946
6-2675LibraryLisa Crawford-CraftPam Bower6-2937
6-2917Marketing and CommunicationsHeather WagonerJackie Tolbert6-2948
6-2957Residence Hall CoordinatorRachel Bouza / Kari Zook6-2948
6-2928Graphics & Web DesignerTracie Horinek / Jackie Tolbert6-2948
6-2694CounselorJoel Matthews / Kari Zook6-2998
6-2971Counseling ReferralAmy Sellers / Kari Zook6-2998
6-2662Recreation CenterKelli Long / Kari Zook6-2605
6-2952Security / Parking / SafetySteve Garman6-2903
6-2973Student Support ServicesJess Simpson and Alyssha Munt / Kelli Witte6-2627
6-2981Upward BoundMonshonda Booker / Dawn Smith 6-2627
6-2624Salina Applied Aviation Center / UASKurt CarrawayEric Cole6-2998
6-2971Student Activities CoordinatorAmy Sellers / Kari Zook6-2605
6-2696Arts, Sciences & BusinessDon Von Bergen / Annette Hernandez6-2627
6-2646Engineering TechnologiesMark Jackson / Annette Hernandez6-2941
 6-2630 AviationEric Shappee / Jan Hollander6-2934

College of Veterinary Medicine

Office: 5660 
Gail: 4005
DeanTammy Beckham / Gail Eyestone5884
5660Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Admissions, and DiversityRonnie Elmore / Miranda Schremmer and Mary Sue Moore5884
4537Associate Dean for ResearchFrank Blecha / Lisa Duer5884
Office: 5708
Katherine: 4301
Executive Associate DeanBonnie Rush / Katherine Carlgren4309
2042Director of Masters in Public Health ProgramT. Annelise Nguyen, Interim / Barta Stevenson 
5663Assistant Dean, Administration and FinancePriscilla Roddy / Lyndse Greenwood4002
4839Anatomy & PhysiologyBruce Schultz, Interim / Erin Moore4557
4401Diagnostic Medicine / PathobiologyM.M. Chengappa / Brandy Nowakowski4039
4890Clinical SciencesBonnie Rush / Staci Murray2252
Office: 5708
Katherine: 4301
Veterinary Health CenterBonnie Rush, Interim / Katherine Carlgren4309
5650Veterinary Diagnostic LaboratoryGary Anderson / Rhonda Riley4039
6006Veterinary Medical LibraryGayle Willard2838
Bob: 5700
Ashley: 4833
Veterinary Medical Continuing EducationBob Larson, Executive Director / Ashley McCowan, Events Coordinator 

 K-State Global Campus

Direct: 3110
DeanSue C. Maes / Marci Ritter5637
Direct: 3111Assistant to the DeanMarci Ritter5637
Office: 5644
Direct: 2580
Marla: 2581
Associate Dean for Program DevelopmentDave Stewart / Marla Wood5637
Office: 5644
Direct: 2568
Ashley: 5747
Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student ServicesDuane Dunn / Ashley Noll5637
Office: 5854
Direct: 2501
Director, Administration and Finance OfficeHarry Williamson5637
Office: 5569
Direct: 0670
Director, Conferences and Non-Credit ProgramsJeff Wolfe / Liz Schafer2422
Direct:  6581Director, Information SystemsKathy Burkholder3779
Office: 5888
Direct: 2515
Director, Marketing and Communications ServicesMelinda Sinn4645
Director, Student and Faculty ServicesJason Maseberg-Tomlinson / Lydell Cox5637
539-8763UFMLinda Teener / Kayla Savage539-9460

K-State Libraries

Office: 7400DeanLori Goetsch / Carmen Thurlow7415
5397Room SchedulingRobin Brown7415
7418Assistant Dean, Division of Research, Education and EngagementMichael Haddock7415
7161Assistant Dean, Division of Content Management & Scholarly CommunicationsMarcia Stockham7415
7428Head of University Archives & Special CollectionsKeli Rylance7644
5760Head of Academic Services DepartmentAdriana Gonzalez 
7417Head of Center for the Advancement of Digital ScholarshipRebel Cummings-Sauls  


Head of Library User Services

Jason Reed

6714Head of Metadata & Preservation DepartmentMichelle Turvey-Welch 
7724Head of Content Management and AcquisitionsMira Greene 
5467Director, Planning and AssessmentLaurel Littrell 
2934Director, Administrative and IT ServicesRoberta Johnson7415
5671Director, Human Resources and DiversityMichelle Bowen7415


5110Vice President for ResearchPeter Dorhout / Stephanie Pierce6693
6195Associate Vice President for ResearchMary Rezac, Interim / Vacant2938
3227Director of OperationsIan Czarnezki2983
3224URCO - Associate Vice President for Research Compliance Cheryl Doerr / Petra Jardine3278
1333Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance and Biosafety Officer, BRIJulie Johnson0973
6804Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Preaward ServicesPaul Lowe / Sharon Zoeller5944
1840Director of Corporate EngagementRichard Potter3909
6193NABC, Operations DirectorMarty Vanier / Adrian Self3278
1333BRI, Research DirectorStephen Higgs / Vacant0973
1333Director of Pat Roberts HallVacant / Vacant0973
7826Electronic Design Lab, DirectorTim Sobering2092
6195KSURF, PresidentJ. Ernest Minton, Interim / Tresa Landis2983
5720KSURF, Vice PresidentChris Brandt, Interim 3920
5956Biotechnology Core Facility, DirectorJohn Tomich6297
5640Comparative Medicine Group, Director and University VeterinarianDenver Marlow / Shirley Whitney5682

Graduate School

6191DeanCarol Shanklin / Cynthia Brott
6191Associate DeanCheryl Polson / Cynthia Brott
6191Associate DeanMichael Herman / Kate Taylor2983
6191Associate DeanGeraldine Craig / Kate Taylor2983

  Other Helpful Contacts

6260Alumni Association Local Agency, PresidentAmy Button Renz / Lynn Beier5068
6266FoundationGreg Willems, President and CEO / Korrina Kientz
4901iTAC, DirectorRebecca Gould3199
5698Office of Mediated Education, DirectorRob Caffey / Brenda Miesner5637
6425McCain Auditorium, DirectorTodd Holmberg5870
Annette: 5860
Police DepartmentRonnie Grice / Annette Boddy7408
Fred: 6-6248
Candace: 6053
President of Faculty SenateFred GuzekCandace LaBerge6094
 6184President of University Support Staff SenatePam Warren 
 President of Student Governing AssociationJessica Van Ranken