Department Head's Manual
2014-2015 Master Calendar

*Please use these dates as a guide for suggested deadlines.

Refer to the University Handbook for specific policy-related dates.


STUDENT RATINGS: Department should notify tenure track faculty that student ratings are needed for reappointment.

SEPT/OCT 2014*

PROMOTION/TENURE: Candidates prepare materials for review.

NOVEMBER 1, 2014

SABBATICAL LEAVE REQUEST: Faculty members applying for a sabbatical leave must make formal application to their department administrator no later than November 1 of the year preceding that for which leave is requested (UHB E6).

NOVEMBER 10, 2014*

PROMOTION/TENURE: Department's promotion/tenure recommendations are forwarded to the Deans. Department Heads' recommendations are forwarded to the Candidates. Dean forwards documents to College Promotion and Tenure Committee.

DECEMBER 1, 2014*

PROMOTION/TENURE: College Promotion and Tenure Committee reports findings to Dean of College.

DECEMBER 8, 2014*

PROMOTION/TENURE: Dean notifies candidate and department head/chair of College and Dean's recommendations. Candidates may withdraw within seven calendar days.

DECEMBER 15, 2014

SABBATICAL LEAVE REQUEST: Applications must be submitted to the Office of the Provost by December 15th (UHB E6).

NOTICE OF NON-REAPPOINTMENT: Regular or probationary faculty/staff members in their second year of service must be notified of non-reappointment by December 15 (UHB C162.3).


Regular or probationary faculty/staff members who have completed two or more years of service must be given one year notice of non-reappointment.

DECEMBER 22, 2014*

PROMOTION/TENURE: Dean submits promotion/tenure materials and recommendations of those candidates who have not withdrawn for review to the Deans Council.


PROMOTION/TENURE: During December and January Deans Council reviews promotion and tenure files.


UNCLASSIFIED EVALUATIONS: Prior to January 15, unclassified personnel submit documentation of activities and accomplishments for the period being evaluated. Colleges/units will establish internal deadlines. (Teaching faculty have the option of submitting Fall student ratings later than the rest of their materials.)

The following tasks are accomplished according to timelines established within the college or unit:

  • Department/Unit heads complete evaluations.
  • Heads share evaluations with unclassified personnel.
  • Heads forward evaluation materials to appropriate Dean or Vice-President.

PROFESSORIAL PERFORMANCE AWARD: Prior to January 15, eligible full professors submit documentation to the department head. Colleges and departments will establish internal deadlines.

FEBRUARY 6, 2015

PROMOTION/TENURE: Deans notify candidate and department head/chair of the Deans Council recommendation. Deans Council provides written report to candidate, department head/chair and dean if finding differs from that of the college. Deans Council sends recommendations to the Provost. Candidates not recommended by the Deans Council have fourteen calendar days to appeal to the Provost.

FEBRUARY 27, 2015*

EMERITI: Departments recommend faculty for emeritus status to Deans.

PROMOTION/TENURE: Provost sends recommendations for tenure and promotion to President.

MARCH 1, 2015

(Since this is a Sunday in 2015 notices must go out by February 27, 2015.)

NOTICE OF NON-REAPPOINTMENT: Regular or probationary faculty/staff members in their first year of service must be notified of non-reappointment not later than March 1.

MARCH 9, 2015*

PROMOTION/TENURE: Provost informs candidates of promotion/tenure decisions.

EMERITI: Deans forward recommendations to Provost.

UNCLASSIFIED EVALUATIONS: Deans forward evaluation materials to the Provost or appropriate Vice President.

PROFESSORIAL PERFORMANCE AWARD: Deans forward their recommendations for the Professorial Performance Award to the Provost along with the candidates' materials.

APRIL 15, 2015

FALL TEXTBOOK ADOPTIONS: All instructional personnel must submit their course material adoption selections to the University Bookstore.  By email to or online using the Course Material Adoptions Form.

APRIL 20, 2015*

UNCLASSIFIED EVALUATIONS: The Provost and Vice Presidents return evaluation comments and evaluations to the Deans and Unit Heads.

PROFESSORIAL PERFORMANCE AWARD: The Provost approves or denies the award and returns the candidates' materials to the Deans.


BUDGET ALLOCATIONS: Final budget allocations are made to the units.

ANNUAL MERIT INCREASE, MARKET ADJUSTMENT, AND EQUITY ADJUSTMENTS: Recommendations for salary increases and market and equity adjustments are due in Provost's and/or Vice Presidents' Offices. A memo will be sent by the Provost with the schedule of deadlines in April or May.

MAY 22, 2015

Regular or probationary faculty/staff members on nine-month appointments who have completed two or more years of service and will not be reappointed must be given one-year notice of non-reappointment.

Regular or probationary faculty/staff members on twelve-month appointments who have completed two or more years of service may be given one-year notice of non-reappointment at any time, so long as it is a one-year (twelve-month) notice.


ANNUAL BUDGET REPORT: Units report finalized annual salaries, promotions, and tenure decisions to the Budget Office.

ANNUAL BUDGET DEVELOPMENT: Start budget process for next year.


UNCLASSIFIED EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: Copies of all contracts for all full time faculty and unclassified professionals are sent to the Provost's Office.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST FORMS: Faculty and unclassified professionals file their individual electronic conflict of interest forms.

JULY 2015

FY2015 BUDGET: Budget Office reports annual salaries and promotion decisions to Human Capital Services for payroll files.