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Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

Instructions for Filling Out Unclassified Contracts 


All Contracts

  1. All contracts should be on the original stationery with the appropriate letterhead (President, Provost, Vice President or Dean).
  2. Contracts previously issued by the university and signed by the faculty or staff members should be used as a guide to make certain that all terms and conditions on the new contract letters are correct.
  3. Special conditions related to an appointment should be typed in the space above "By direction of the President."
  4. All full-time contracts (and contracts for those who hold fractional appointments who have potential or possible conflicts of time commitment or conflicts of interest) should have the following statement typed in the space above "By Direction of the President:"

    It is understood upon signing this appointment contract that I must complete the electronic Declaration of Conflict of Interest and Time Commitment form.  This form can be accessed through HRIS Employee Self-Service at: https://www.as.ksu.edu/HRIS (Path: Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Conflict of Interest).

    This form must be filled out annually with contract administration.

  5. Be sure to distinguish between 9 and 12 month appointments. The contracts for 12 month employees begin on the [first day of the Fiscal Year pay cycle (typically mid-June)]*, and those for 9 month faculty should indicate "Fall Semester."  *For the exact begin date in the current cycle please call Human Capital Services, 532-6277, or visit Biweekly Pay Periods & Pay Dates on the HCS website.
  6. Any contracts with changes in conditions of employment, including title changes, must be submitted with a letter of explanation/justification to the Affirmative Action Office. The Affirmative Action Office will then issue an initial contract. This does not apply to promotion and tenure decisions or merit increases that have been approved.
  7. Indicate in the appropriate blank the office to which you wish to have the contracts returned. Some of you may wish to have the signed contracts returned to your departmental offices.

Faculty Contracts

  1. Instructors may either be on a "Regular Appointment" or a "Probationary Faculty Appointment." For those instructors on a "Probationary Faculty Appointment," their contracts must include the following special condition: "Award of tenure is contingent upon promotion to the rank of assistant professor."
  2. Administrators, such as deans, who hold tenure in an academic department should receive a "Tenured Faculty Appointment" contract. Their administrative titles should be added in the space as follows:

    "This appointment carries with it the assignment of administrative responsibilities as ______(title) ______; however, this assignment is subject to change upon notice by the appointing administrator."

Administrative/Service Contracts

  1. Contracts for persons with regular appointments who were granted administrative tenure prior to June 1, 1982, should include the following added language: "This appointment carries with it administrative tenure granted prior to June 1, 1982."
  2. Contracts for persons with regular appointments who had served in probationary status for administrative tenure prior to June 1, 1982, but who were not granted tenure, should include the following special condition: "This appointment is made subject to Section II.C. of the President's Policy Statement for Unclassified Positions, Other Than Those in Instruction, Research, Extension and Library, and for Appointees to Those Positions."

Part-Time Contracts

The percent time of the appointment shall be indicated on the appropriate contract form.

Term Contracts

Appointment of persons on term appointments or on administrative/service term appointments requires a new contract annually. These include, for example, most research assistants and associates and term appointees in the Athletic Department.

"This is a terminal contract. This appointment is subject to reassignment of duties upon notice by the appointing administrator."