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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Kansas State University
108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110


University and College Scholarship Committees

 General Scholarship and Student Financial Aid Committee (3050)

Pat Bosco, VP for Student Life, CHAIR
Larry Moeder, Admissions/Student Financial Assistance
Mandy Cole, Administrative Support Services
Robert Gamez, Student Financial Assistance
Denise Tabb, Student Financial Assistance
Don Boggs, Agriculture
Lynn Ewanow, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Alison Wheatley, Arts & Sciences
Eric Higgins, Business Administration
Pam Monroe, Education
Gary Clark, Engineering
Shawna Jordan, Human Ecology
Melinda Wilkerson, Veterinary Medicine
Ashley Martin, Division of Communications & Marketing
Daren Koudele, K-State Athletics
Christy Scott, KSU Foundation

Lacy Pitts, Student (AY 18-19)
TBD, Student (AY 18-19)
TBD, Student (AY 18-19)

Develops policies and procedures for student financial aid other than athletic grants-in-aid. Examines the records of applicants for various scholarships and selects recipients.  Members appointed by college offices and the Student Governing Association.

College of Agriculture Scholarships (3051)

Don Boggs, Ag Academic Programs
Christine Wilson, Ag Economics
Kevin Donnelly, Agronomy
Robert Goodband, Animal Science and Industry
Brandie Disberger, Ag Communications/Ag Education
Jon Faubion , Grain Science and Industry
Cathie Lavis, Horticulture, Forestry & Recreational Resources
Joe Harner, Ag Technology Management

College of Engineering Scholarships (3052)

Gary Clark, Dean's Office
Pat Nelson, Dean's Office

College of Human Ecology Scholarships (3053)

Shawna Jordan, Chair
Barbara Anderson, ATID Rep
Nancy King, HM Rep
Erika Lindshield, FNDH Rep
Roxanne Martens, FSHS Rep
Steven Copp, KIN Rep
Vacant, HE Rep

College of Business Administration Scholarships (3056)

Eric Higgins, Associate Dean
Matt Sayre, Dean's Office

K-State Polytechnic Scholarships (3057)

Taya Smith (SGA)
Kate Behan (School of Integrated Studies, Family Studies & Human Services )
Tim Bower (School of Integrated Studies
John Dahl (School of Integrated Studies)
Siny Joseph (School of Integrated Studies)
Jess Simpson (KSU Polytechnic Professional Staff)
Kari Zook (KSU Polytechnic Support Staff)
Kris Grinter (ex-officio)
Trevor Juneman (ex-officio)
Cindy Newell (ex-officio)
Christopher Smith (ex-officio)

College of Education Scholarships (3058)

Pam Monroe, CHAIR
Grace Liang, Educational Leadership
Andrew Wefald, Educational Leadership
Judy Hughey, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs
Jessica Nelson, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs
Lotta Larson, Curriculum and Instruction
Spencer Clark, Curriculum and Instruction
Sandra Avalos, Center for Student Success and Professional Services

College of Veterinary Medicine Awards and Scholarships (3059)

Peying Fong, Anatomy and Physiology
Raelene Wouda, Clinical Sciences
M.M. Chengappa, Diagnostic Medicine/ Pathobiology
Peggy Schmidt, ex officio

College of Architecture, Planning and Design Scholarships (3060)

Lynn Ewanow, CHAIR
Steven Davidson, IAPD
Torgeir Norheim, ARCH
Becky O’Donnell, staff support
Hyung Jin Kim, LARCP​
Susan Lannou, ENVD