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Faculty Senate Executive Committee

For more information about Faculty Senate please visit the following site: www.k-state.edu/facsen/

Elected members of the Executive Committee are Faculty Senators designated by the caucuses of the various units (the several colleges, Salina Campus, Extension, and General Administration) represented in Faculty Senate.  Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee consist of the officers of the Senate and the Chairperson of the Student Senate. 

Officers of the Faculty Senate are members ex-officio of the Executive Committee. Elected Members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee may be contacted at their respective departments.

 2014-2015 Membership

Dave Rintoul
Division of Biology; 116F Ackert Hall: 
532-6615; drintoul@ksu.edu

President Elect

Fred Guzek
Salina Arts, Science, and Business, 104A Tech Center
785-826-2648; fguzek@ksu.edu

Past President
Julia Keen
Architectural Engineering & Construction Science; 240 Seaton Hall  
532-3575; jkeen@ksu.edu


Loleta Sump
Administrator/Facilites; Dykstra Hall;
532-1718; loleta@ksu.edu

Chair, Academic Affairs Committee

Andrew Bennett
Mathematics; 202 Cardwell Hall;
532-0562; bennett@ksu.edu

Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee
Betsy Cauble
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; 204B Waters Hall
532-6865; bcauble@ksu.edu

Chair, Professional Staff Affairs Committee

Danielle Brown 
Salina Continuing Education; 105 SAC Building
826-2617; dnbrown@ksu.edu

Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Technology

Don Crawford
Architecture, Planning, and Design; 12 Seaton Hall;
532-1091; crawford@ksu.edu

Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning

Barbara Anderson
Apparel Textiles and Interior Design; 218 Justin Hall;
532-1304; barbara@ksu.edu

Speaker of the Student Senate

Abby Works
Student Activities and Services, Ground Floor, Student Union
532-6541; alworks@ksu.edu


Evan Titgemeyer
Animal Sciences & Industry; 132 Call Hall
532-1220; etitgeme@ksu.edu

Architecture, Planning and Design
Dick Hoag
Architecture; 102D Seaton Hall:  532-5953

Arts and Sciences
Elizabeth Dodd
English; 113A English/Counseling Services Bldg; 532-0384

Business Administration
Mark Linville
Accounting, 112 Calvin Hall: 532-6381

Ann Knackendoffel
Special Education, Counseling, & Student Affairs; 304 Bluemont Hall
532-5818; knack@ksu.edu

John Devore
Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2071 Rathbone Hall
532-4648; jdevore@ksu.edu

Pam Van Horn
4H Youth Development, 201 Umberger Hall:  532-0752

General University
Fran Willbrant
Division of Financial Services; 102 Anderson Hall, 532-6210

Human Ecology
Robert Garcia
Family Studies and Human Service; 343J Justin Hall: 532-2044

K-State Libraries
Elisabeth Pankl
126 Hale Library: 532-5041

Technology & Aviation, K-State Salina
Kelly Carrico
Salina Academic Career Advising Center, 100C Tech Center
785-826-2608; kellyc@ksu.edu

Veterinary Medicine
Bruce Schultz
Anatomy and Physiology; 228 Coles Hall, 532-4839