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Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President
Kansas State University
108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110


Committees on Planning

Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP) (4000)

Gloria Holcombe, Agriculture (14-17)
Don Crawford, Architecture, Planning, and Design (16-19)
Spencer Wood, Arts & Sciences - CHAIR (14-17)
Tori Culbertson, Business Administration (15-18)
Judy Hughey, Education (16-18)
Byron Jones, Engineering (15-18)
Stu Duncan, Extension (15-18)
Gary Leitnaker, General University (16-17) Alternate: Steve Martini
Barbara Anderson, Human Ecology (12-18)
Laurel Littrell, K-State Libraries (15-18)
Patricia Ackerman, K-State Salina (16-19)
Jessica Meekins, Veterinary Medicine (12-18)
Jessica Van Ranken, Student Body President
Fred Guzek, Past President of Faculty Senate

Non-voting Attendees: Lynn Carlin, Representative for the Provost

Considers matters related to the allocation of resources at the University level. Participates with the President of the University in any decisions dealing with reductions in unclassified positions during a period of financial stress or financial exigency. Monitors involvement of faculty in the planning process throughout the University, but especially through College Committees on Planning (CCOP) and/or College Planning Advisory Groups (CPAG).

Agriculture (CCOP only) (4001)

Allen Featherstone, Ag Economics
Ted Cable, Hort, For & Recr Res
Srini Kambhampati, Entomology
Dallas Peterson, Agronomy

Jeff Stevenson, Animal Sciences
Neal Wollenberg, Communications
Yong-Cheng Shi, Grain Science
Xiaoyan Tang, Plant Pathology

Architecture, Planning & Design (CCOP/CPAG same) (4002)

Lynn Ewanow, CHAIR
Jason Brody, FSCOUP
Damon Fairchild, Director of Development
Sharon Hartwich, ex-officio

Lorn Clement, LA
David Richter-O’Connell, IAPD
David Sachs, ARCH
John Keller, RCP

Arts & Sciences (CCOP/CPAG same) (4003)

Humanities & Fine Arts Group

Elizabeth Dodd, English, 2014
Sue Zschoche, History, 2015
Craig Weston, Music Theater & Dance, 2016*

Social and Behavioral Sciences Group

Ethan Bernick, Political Science, 2016*
Gerad Middendort, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work, 2014
Shireen Roshanravan, Women's Studies, 2015

Quantitative and Natural Sciences Group

Dave Rintoul, Biology, 2014
Kristan Corwin, Physics, 2015
Stephen Chapes, Biology, 2016*

Business Administration (CCOP only) (4004) 

Chairat Chuwonganant, Finance (AY 15-16)
Reo Song, Marketing (AY 14-15)
Kim Charland, Accounting (AY 15-16)
Dixie Warders, Office of the Dean (AY 14-15)
Valerie Evans, Management (AY 14-15)

Education- Executive Committee (CCOP/CPAG same) (4005)

Kimberly Staples, CHAIR, Curriculum and Instruction
Leah McKeeman, Curriculum and Instruction
Judy Hughey, Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs
Warren White, Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs
Jeff Zacharakis, Educational Leadership
Kakali Bhattacharya, Educational Leadership
Diane Murphy, Student and Professional Services
Laurel Martin, Graduate student
Maria Eck, Undergraduate student

Engineering (CCOP only) (4006)

Fred Hasler, ARE/CNS
Ronaldo Maghirang, BAE, (2015)
Peter Pfromm, ChE, (2014)
Alex Mathews, CE, (re-appointed)
Scott DeLoach, CIS, (2014)
Dave Soldan, ECE, (2015)
David Ben-Arieh, IMSE, (2013)
Warren White, MNE, (2014)

Keith Hohn, ex-officio, FSCOUP
Gary Clark, ex-officio, Exec. Com.
David Carter, ex-officio, EXT.

Human Ecology (CCOP only) (4007)

Bob Garcia, CHAIR (AY 14-15)
Mary DeLuccie, CHAIR Elect (AY 15-16)
Julia Day, (AY 15-16)
George Wang, (AY 15-16)

Junehee Kwon, (AY 14-15)
David Poole, (AY 14-15)
Barbara Anderson (AY 14-15)
Jane Garcia, (AY 14-15)
Karen Pence, (AY 14-15)

 Veterinary Medicine (CCOP/CPAG same) (4008)

Frank Blecha, Anatomy & Physiology
Mike Apley, Clinical Sciences
M. M. Chengappa, Diagnostic Med/Pathobiology
Michael Cates, Dean's Office

Extension EXCOP (EXCOP only) (4009)

Dan Devlin, State Agricultural Specialists
Mark Stadtlander, Communications Specialists
Stacey Warner, Administration, 4-H, ANR/Community Development Specialists
Kevin Dhuyvetter, State Agricultural Specialists

Richard Baker, Communications Specialists
Diane Mack, Area Specialists
Dan Rogers, State Agricultural Specialists
Jan Stephens, Area Specialists
Mary Meck Higgins, FCS Specialists

Library Planning Committee (CCOP/CPAG same) (4010)

Jason Coleman
Adriana Gonzalez  
Mira Greene  
Rachel Miles  
Alyssa Bruce

Laurel Littrell (ex-officio)

K-State Salina (CCOP) (4011)

Steven Ley, CCOP, Aviation (AY 16-17)
Les Kinsler, CCOP, Engineering Technology (AY 15-16)
Greg Stephens, FSCOT, Arts, Sciences & Business (AY 14-15)

K-State Salina (CAPC)

Fred Guzek, President-Elect Faculty Senate, Arts, Sciences & Business (AY 16-17)
Steven Ley, CCOP, Aviation (AY 16-17)
Greg Stephens, Arts, Sciences & Business (AY 16-17)
Kelly Carrico, CHAIR, EXEC, Academic Services (AY 16-17)

Andrew Smith, FSCOUP, Aviation (AY 15-16)
Danielle Brown, Proffessional Staff Affairs, Division of Continuing Education (AY 15-16)
Les Kinsler, CCOP, Engineering Technology (AY 15-16)

Mindy Markham, Faculty Affairs, Arts, Sciences & Business/Family Studies & Human Services (AY 14-15)
Greg Stephens, FSCOT, Arts, Sciences & Business (AY 14-15)
Theresa Hartman, Academic Affairs, Arts, Sciences & Business (AY 14-15)
Ethan Delker, SGA President (AY 14-15)

General Administration Committee on Planning (GACOP) (4025)

Sue Peterson, Office of the President/Office of Research
Jennifer Gehrt, Office of Administration and Finance
Gary Leitnaker, Office of Administration and Finance
Lynn Carlin,  Office of the Provost

Rebecca Gould, Office of the Provost
Sue Maes, Office of the Provost (Dean)
Emily Lehning, Office of Student Life
Larry Moeder, Office of Student Life
Heather Reed, Office of Student Life

Faculty Senate Committee on Technology (FSCOT) (4500)

Nathan Nelson, Agriculture (13-19)
Don Crawford, Architecture, Planning, and Design (09-18)
Carolyn Ferguson, Arts and Sciences (16-19)
Michael Raine, Business Administration (07-17) CO-CHAIR
Robert Hachiya, Education (16-19)
Stacy Hutchinson, Engineering (14-17)
Karen Blakeslee, Extension (16-19)
Loren Wilson, General University (16-17) - Alternate: Jan Elsasser
Sherry Haar, Human Ecology (15-18)
Dhanushka Samarakoon, K-State Libraries (14-17)
Lisa Crawford-Craft, K-State Salina (15-18) CO-CHAIR
James Roush, Veterinary Medicine (15-18) - Alternate: TBA
Andrew McKittrick, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Rob Caffey, Liaison for the Provost