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K-State Responds

A presidential exit review/analysis was conducted between October 2008 and April 2009 at the request of the Kansas Board of Regents upon the retirement announcement of former Kansas State University president Jon Wefald. The exit analysis reviewed entities that are not audited by the state: the president's office, the KSU Foundation, the K-State Alumni Association, and the athletics department.

K-State responds with a continual committment to fiscal transparency and accountability.

K-State Transition Audit Report

TitleDate createdDate addedLink
Transition Audit Final Report presented to Kansas Board of Regents11/19/0911/19/09
K-State news release: K-State President Kirk Schulz presents report to Board of Regents11/19/0911/19/09


TitleDate createdDate addedLink
K-State Audit Oversight Committee Report 11/19/09
K-State news release: K-State president announces audit oversight committee's makeup8/5/200911/19/09
Alumni Association
K-State Alumni Association clarifications to the transition audit report9/4/0911/19/09
Kansas State University Golf Course Management and Research Foundation (KSUGCMRF)
KSUGCMRF Audit Analysis Findings and Recommendations8/11/0911/19/09
KSUGCMRF Officers and Voting Directors9/1/0911/19/09
KSUGCMRF Colbert Hills Golf Course and Clubhouse Operating Lease Agreement1/1/0611/19/09
KSUGCMRF / Intercollegiate Athletic Department annual payment agreement for use of Colbert Hills Golf Course7/26/0511/19/09
National Institute for Strategic Technology Acquisition and Commercialization (NISTAC)
NISTAC Review begins 11/19/09
KSU Research Foundation (KSURF) Technology Transfer Process showing relationship with NISTAC 11/19/09
NISTAC ten-year strategic plan9/1/0811/19/09
NISTAC Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC) board of directors meeting slideshow9/11/0911/19/09
NISTAC/KTEC/ICC Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy Form 11/19/09
Report to NISTAC Board of Directors from Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP9/22/0911/19/09
NISTAC Review of Structure and Governance (memo)3/20/200911/19/09
NISTAC Legal Review of Structure and Operations (memo)3/20/200911/19/09
NISTAC Board of Directors, Mid-America Technology Management Board of Directors, and Manhattan Holdings LLC3/26/200911/19/09
Board of Directors for: AgRenew, NutriJoy, Nacelle Therapeutics, K-State Diagnostic and Analytical Services, K-State Comprehensive Assessment Tools, and Global Lipidomics 11/19/09
NISTAC organizational structure 11/19/09
NISTAC & MTM memberships 11/19/09
K-State Athletics
Bylaws of K-State Athletics6/15/200911/19/09
K-State Athletics news release: Currie Outlines Accountability Measures7/10/200911/19/09
Grant Thornton transactions letter to the Kansas Board of Regents7/30/200911/19/09
Bylaws of the Intercollegiate Athletic Council of K-State6/1/200411/19/09
Contract addendum for Bob Krause5/6/200811/19/09
KSUGCMRF escrow account deposit1/29/200811/19/09
Contract addendum for Tim Weiser1/4/200811/19/09
Separation agreement for Tim Weiser2/14/200811/19/09
K-State and K-State Athletics agreement6/30/200911/19/09
Bill Snyder's pledge to KSUGCMRF4/25/200611/19/09

K-State Athletics report

TitleDate createdDate addedLink
Deloitte & Touche LLC report cover letter11/19/0911/19/09
K-State Athletics report on internal controls related to the Contracting, Travel, and Expenditure processes10/30/0911/19/09


TitleDate addedVideoLink
Campus forum with K-State President Kirk Schulz and Athletics Director John Currie06/29/09 
K-State news release: K-State administration supports regents release of review/audit06/19/09 
Kansas Regents news release: Board opens KSU presidential exit analysis report06/19/09 
K-State news release: Frequently asked questions about the audit06/19/09 
K-State news release: Audit timeline06/19/09 
Kansas Board of Regents: Confidential Exit Analysis Related to the Retirement of Dr. Jon Wefald President of Kansas State University06/19/09